Hypnotic Tales

Hypnotic tales can be helpful to discover your capacity of dealing with situations differently.

Tales inspire the subconscious and give hope whether you suffer from depression or alcohol abuse.

The Door

A few  centuries back in some small oriental country the Sultan was looking for a new Vizier because the old one had died. He wanted to choose the most intelligent applicant for the position. So he had the mightiest and most clever men come.

In order to pick the best man he had a door lock done with a very complicated mechanism. The person who would be able to open the door, should become the new vizier.

Many clever people came from all over the country and tried to open the lock. Some did not even try once the saw the lock. Others looked closer and decided it would be to complicate to open the lock. Some very dedicated men would discuss and try to find a solution. However, all of them finally gave up, thinking they would not be able to understand the mechanism of the lock.

When everybody had gone the jester showed up and saw, that the door was slightly open.  He pushed it slightly and it would open. So the Sultan had to give him this very important position. And he was content doing so.

2 responses to “Hypnotic Tales”

  1. Hi Hi just like real life sometimes!

    1. what is REAL life again 🙂

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