Inner voice versus brain gym

Wellbeing. Walking. Love. Love is when the heart feels soft and opens up and allows everything to enter that sacred space, no more boundaries. I feel it is always there, a natural state, just sometimes covered by a noisy or distracted mind and a sense of disconnection. When that happens, when we act as if we would juggle and manipulate the factors of our surroundings with our thinking versus choose what feels right from the heart. We loose connection with the inner voice. They call it conflict, stress and as a consequence burn-out, HBP, cancer, depression, addiction…

Wellbeing and “success” requires staying connected to oneself. The rest is a natural byproduct.

Walking is one way to learn to get back to one’s core, feeling the self. Check it out! All you need is the decision to experiment, a little time and comfy shoes.

Happy to help, inspire, motivate. Please feel free to contact and share this, with people who need some inspiration. Thanks and have a lovely day xxx

Published by Manuela Stoerzer

Prize-awarded Coaching Method to optimize habits since 2000 internationally.

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