Being able to improvise and spontaneously respond to a situation can be a true gift! My intention of joining Spanish improv classes was another one: Forget about what you have in mind and open to a “new reality”…

It has be a lot of fun to play games, laugh, fool around during warmups before class. We learned all kinds of “stupid” games that are not so stupid after all: it trains you to use your brain in a different way. That´s what I do for work as a Coach, really.

Improv has been reported to be great for professionals who mainly use their brains every day, such as lawyers, managers, people sitting in front of a computer or figuring out how to sell more. Probably most of the Western world, I assume. People join to use their creative potential or to expand their minds, like me. Overcoming ideas and concepts of how we think things should be, how we see and consequently feel about ourselves and others, and basically getting over ego limitations.

I highly recommend this fun hobby to practice regularly, since the real benefit you will get in everyday’s situations, when you see yourself respond differently to situations, where you formerly were trapped in old patterns…

Once you train your improv muscle regularly, you might as well perform on stage and share the fun with the rest of the crowd!

If you happen to live mostly in Mallorca, like me and speak decent Spanish, you are lucky:  Trampa Teatre offers excellent classes and improv shows almost every night of the week!

Published by Manuela Stoerzer

Prize-awarded Coaching Method to optimize habits since 2000 internationally.

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