Heart ❤️ and Mind together

If only we could stop thinking too much, juggling arguments around, try to manipulate the surroundings to fit to our ideas. And: feel what really is.

The conflict of heart and mind is THE topic not only in opera. Ancient secret wisdom talks about that power. Check out e.g. Gregg Bradden.

A YES-Attitude is powerful. It also means clearly saying NO to many things. It takes listening inside, meditating, being quiet here now, remember who you are, your values, your feelings, that which makes your heart and soul happy.

Dance through life, despite circumstances. Sort out what is your essence and what are fake ideas you picked up on the way. Make it fun! Enjoy the process without getting hooked on pre-established ideas.

Magic happens by energy vibrating and you are the actor, director and observer of the story you create in your life.

I had /co-created quite tough experiences getting to here and now. Today, I understand and trust in the process, make it fun. I love modeling and acting gigs, it’s paid play. When I started it didn’t fit in my box of what I do professionally.

Changing the chip (which is my coaching expertise) changed this for me: I feel a lot of joy in experimenting in various fields. I no longer believe I have to limit to one profession to be successful. I am that I am, no matter what I do.

My conclusion so far: knowing who you and what you are here for takes feeling and loving all there is, the “good” and the “bad”.😊. Then the process of living life can be much more playful and joyful.

Dare to feel what is. Figure out if some old triggers are asking to be unblocked, or if the feeling real relates to the present moment.

Go experiment, observe the mental “yes-but’s” and choose to blow the limitations to explore what else is possible!

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