Personal Development by Distinguishing

What is going on in the mind and what really is going on makes a huge difference. Maybe the difference between heaven and hell on earth…

There is only Bullshit or Nothing in life

Clinton Callahan,

A few colorful lines and our brain creates the rest to the story. You too see a lady on this picture, don’t you?

Founder of Possibility Management Clinton Callahan, Author or many best-selling books says, there were only two options in life: either bullshit or nothing.

Bullshit means: There is no lady on that picture. It is just a few lines.

Nothing means: if we don’t make a story around what is, then there is nothing left, no baggage, no projections, no emotional attachment.

In other words: if we let go of the story we create in our mind that we attach to what is, then, there is nothing left. This is neither good or bad. It just is what it is. Becoming aware of “bullshit” and “nothing” enables to choose wisely and empowers to make better decisions.

Imagine the possibilities not only in your private life but especially in the business environment, if more people learn to distinguish between bullshit and nothing, if applying some simple tools are being part of a business culture. Most prejudice, judgement, subtle energy suckers gone! Imagine everyone would share fearlessly what they have to share without stressing out about the other person’s reaction.

To make this work in a business environment it takes the upper management to be part of the process. However, you can start to apply the tools in your life right away and start becoming the change you want to see in the world.

If you recognize that you were holding back or holding on or being loyal to a story, the relief is tremendous, once you let go of the story you or anybody else told yourself.

Highly successful people know, that real success doesn’t come from working hard and simply doing more of what you are doing. It comes from putting effort and daring to grow beyond unconscious habits, limitations, false ideas. Step into nothing without knowing if you will ever arrive and allow new, maybe unimaginable possibilities in your mind in the first place. That’s the work. And then, the work you continuously put into your project doesn’t feel like hard work, because you know exactly what you are doing and especially why.

That’s why more and more people motivate to spend some valuable lifetime regularly for some form of meditation and relaxation techniques.

There are many steps on a Life-Path of Personal Development and Growth. With know-how, tools and compassion, it can be a lot of fun!

Yaduma Online Coaching Program is recognized for unique Self-Discovery, Personal Development and Stress-Management Tools to transform unconscious habits into conscious choices with more ease.

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