Happiness Hormone Habits

Simple daily habits can change the way you feel.
Since 22 years I motivate to change lifestyle and every other year, I miss a part of that healthy lifestyle myself. That’s when lack of motivation, a sense of uselessness, mood swings or even anxiety sets in to remind me:

to eat well

get healthy sleeping patterns – e.g. turn off mobile and pc after 10

get enough sunlight

exercise daily

eat consciously good food cooked with love

meet up with friends

caress, massage, give and get physical touch

listen to music

practice a mindfulness routine, meditate

Knowing is not enough. It takes actual daily habits.

Those who have the depression genes or regular anxiety attacks are probably more motivated to include these habits into their daily routine. However, if you suffer from procrastination, or insomnia, you might experiment for 3 weeks and see, what changes!

Lots of Love and loads of happy hormones

Manuela xxx

Walking Guru Coaching & Mentoring

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