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Joie de Vivre doing what you do?

I coach individuals and teams to change unconscious habits into the ability to make beneficial choices.

Essentially, we are all different. Essentially, we are all the same.

Manuela Stoerzer

6-Day Private Retreat:
You will be coached to update habits according to your real needs.
Discover peace of mind, serenity and a new quality of life. Feel comfortable in your own skin and deal with challenges differently. Coaching in Mallorca and online.

Development by Self-inquiry:
Books to open up for new possibilities and inspire your change process.

Clarity. Focus. Direction

What does it take for people to thrive? Making good decisions certainly helps. But it’s not all about decisions. It’s also about the way we do the things we you. Our attitude, habits, what we know of as well as what we are not aware of.

I can be very “German” when it comes to discipline: hard on myself. I can be unstoppable, ignore how I feel and lose perspective of what else is important. It took me burnout, divorce and life-threatening disease to realize that I needed to change something in 2000. Like Phoenix rising from the ashes I got to know myself better: strengths, weaknesses, fears and gifts that I had not been fully aware of. Time to realign thinking and habits to what really is. I am still on it, on the path and I love to share and inspire others to make this journey a more playful one.

Essentially, we are all different and essentially, we are all the same.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Manuela’s coaching questions are transforming all my 4 bodies: mental, emotional, physical and energetic. Thank you Manuela!

Dr. Rudolf Lenz, Dentist, Entrepreneur and Coach, Mallorca

She’s empowering! 


Louisa Maccan-Graves, Beauty & Age-Proofing Expert, HollywoodBeautySecrets, Los Angeles,CA

Manuela is a magnificent Coach with a totally original approach as well as being an all-round sound person and credit to humanity.

The Barefoot Doctor
aka Stephen Russel
London, 1954-2020

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Manuela has been credibly facilitating Growth Processes for Individuals and Business Groups with her award-winning Coaching Program since 2000

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