Private Yoga Sessions on the Beach

Doable, simple, deep: Private Yoga, Tai Chi, Chikung or Walking Meditation sessions with elements of Alexander Technique and Self-Hypnosis on the beach. When Yoga Group Sessions don’t do it for you – due to accidents, operations, age-related restricted flexibility, mobility or lack of strength or simply because you are looking for something else, this mightContinue reading “Private Yoga Sessions on the Beach”

5 Excuses that keep you Stuck & How to Change anyway

Who sabotages what when you self-sabotage? What is it that keeps us from living up to our potentials and dreams? What is the big unconscious fear behind self-sabotage? Human minds are set up to survive. The comfort zone is a seemingly safe place. Everything out to there can easily feel uncomfortable, painful or threatening. Yet,Continue reading “5 Excuses that keep you Stuck & How to Change anyway”

Learn how to Improvise!

Being able to improvise and spontaneously respond to a situation can be vital. In fact, if can be essential for survival! My intention of joining Spanish improv classes was to learn a skill I can use for my professional life as a coach, model and actress: Forget about the theories, pre-planned ideas and concepts thatContinue reading “Learn how to Improvise!”

What makes YOU get out of bed in the morning?

What makes you get out of bed in the morning is one of those dangerous coaching questions. It is easy to forget what is really important. Heck, looking and feeling closer, you may find some discrepancies that you didn’t allow yourself to notice before. Are you getting out of bed for the right reasons? WhatContinue reading “What makes YOU get out of bed in the morning?”