Dealing with Guilt, Shame and Blame?

Where does guilt, share and blame come from? We all know those situations where an emotion arises that is not based on actual facts but an inner process happening in the background, deep down inside... In Life-Coaching you meet many people. And many people have this subtle feeling of guilt or shame for no real [...]

Feels Good

How to align Thought and Emotion?

Walking Meditation and Life Coaching to Change Habits

How to change habits and beliefs with Walking Meditation, Life Coaching and other Techniques Did you ever have a bad conscience without knowing why? A bad conscience for no reason is one indicator, that some old program is running in the system. Just not being able to totally relax. Wanting to fix everything, before allowing [...]

Another Birthday Wish

October 8 is my birthday and I have a wish. I am not wishing for money to donate to a good case. You do that anyway, if you feel it! Children, sick, old, animals, the oceans, nature, fighting drug abuse, mental health, peace work, doctors without boundaries, there are so many great "cases" out there, [...]

Stress Coping Strategies

Do you experience stress to an unsupportable extend? Do you have a hard time to exist in a "stressful" environment, a stressful job, a stressful partner? Stress is not a good nor a bad thing! - It is about how you decide and manage to deal with it. First of all "stress" releases hormones that [...]

Life Coaching: Finding the Joy

You know that feeling: Something just doesn't feel right.  You can't really figure out why. Or you have dozens of ideas why.  All you know is, something gotta change here... How to Relax more deeply? One thing most of us found out so far: to find the joy, we don't need to go anywhere or [...]

3 Easy Life-Coaching Steps to Stop Old Stories Run your Life

Feeling easily triggered by something occurring around you? Here is how to release the trigger of that pre-installed button, so nobody can push the button anymore... Read more at

De-Stress Tool or The DANGER of Words

Words have a frequency.Frequency is vibration. Vibration influences the whole being. Take music: Did you ever experiment with the influence of classical music on you? Or binaural beats? Or techno? Are you aware of the effect of music on your system? As soon as you are aware of what is, you can change it. The [...]

Life-Coaching: How to Be Self-Confident

On an exploration trip to the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica, the first thing I find is a Slackline right on an amazing Surf Beach. I love to watch Surfers and slackliners for hours. It's about going with the flow. Enjoying life. Being here now. It's about my "business" as a coach. Soon, I check [...]

7 Habits for Healthy Sleep

7 easy habits to improve sleep quality

How to Stop Feeling Stuck?

Retreating oneself from daily routine can be transformative.