Book a Coaching Session

Book a Coaching Session

Not sure what you need and the investment in time and energy required? Below you find a selection of prize-awarded Walking Guru Coaching and Mentoring services.
During a Clarity Coaching session I will gently help you „open up some doors“ for you to gain clarity about your status quo and what you really need. I speak Deutsch, Español, Français.

Clarity Coaching

A 60 minute phone Coaching session designed to gain clarity about your status quo, needs and strategy. A requisite prior to starting a Coaching process.

Foreign Language Coaching

Walking&Coaching to achieve fluidity and confidence when speaking a foreign language: With elements of hypo-therapy and coaching while walking you will get out of the habit of thinking before speaking. You will playfully learn techniques that make you feel confident and your foreign language sound much better just by opening your mouth. English, Spanish, German. Prerequisite: basic knowledge of the foreign language.

Yoga 40+

Discover your Personal Relaxation Ritual: Yoga, Qi Gong or Tai Chi for Beginners at any age, any strength, any flexibility. Smooth physical exercise during One-to-One Sessions is tailored to your needs and abilities and serves to maintain or develop a strong physical body. The overall aim is to to consciously shape attitudes, habits, and general ways of life to be congruent with healthy philosophies, principles, morals, and ethics.

Impulse Coaching – Prize-awarded Walking&Coaching

Impulse Coaching focuses specifically on your problem areas, demonstrates and teaches proven methods to expose the patterns behind old habits in a very short time, and introduces new methods to address challenges differently. Often one to three sessions are all it takes to uncover self-empowerment and get on your own feet.

Call now +34 661 682 888

All appointments can be changed free of charge up to 24 h before the appointment.

Corporate Coaching

Trust and Well-being is the currency that makes people want to give their best. We provide a safe space to experiment with new tools. 2 to 6-month contracts.

Private Walking&Coaching Retreats

Time to rediscover your Spark, meaning and connection: During 1 week time-out in a safe, discrete and comfortable Hotel in Mallorca you will practice techniques to become aware what is really going on and how to switch – change the chip – from reacting to freely choosing. You will learn Walking Meditation. Self-hypnosis for stress and pain management and other healthy, drug-free feel-good rituals.

For people who lead hectic lives, lack inner peace, enjoyment or vision, suffer from stress or simply want to feel better in their skin.

After this week you can apply for a 12-Week-Mentoring Program to make the newly learned a part of you.

“Change the Chip”
12-week-Mentoring Program

12-week- Mentoring Program available for selected Coachees:

Discrete Retreat for 1 week to Mallorca to change basic patterns and practice new habits that can make your daily life experience an awesome whole different story. Prevent burnout, depression, weight– or psychosomatic problems with new life-affirming choices.

Prerequisite: Willingness to experiment

It is the experience that leaves a lasting imprint

Let’s walk together.

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space lies our FREEDOM and power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.”

Viktor Frankl

“In the end, Manuela teaches you the one single most important thing, that self-empowerment comes from within. And most importantly how to access it and let it free!”

Rose Esma, Health Coach and Nutritionist, Mallorca

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Clarity. Focus. Direction

The Walking Guru

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