Care for your energy and direction!

We are all energy. Suffering from stress and dis-ease are signals and show that mind and heart are not one. This results in energy blockages in the human body.  Let us teach you how to bring the mind back into a balanced state. We show you how to direct your energy so you can feel centered, balanced and relaxed.


According to science the human body is a field of energy.  Ancient Oriental teachings called this field “Chi Energy”. If this intrinsic energy does not flow freely, we experience discomfort, health problems or an inability to respond to challenges adequately. There are many causes that result in energy blockages. You will learn how to direct your energy, and address the causes during coaching. After this relaxing and empowering experience you will feel the difference. With regular Chi Kung practices you will learn new ways to master stress, tensions, frustrations or anxiety: energize, regain balance, clarity of mind, and health.


Since age 7 (46 years back) Anthony has studied Martial Arts He practiced and taught “Chi Kung” or “Qi Gong” Life Energy Cultivation, to achieve a focused mind and a healthy body for 22 years. Similar to Yoga or Tai Chi, Chi Kung is a more direct and fast approach to direct energy, applied in business and private life. Anthony has been able to help hundreds to relax deeply and find inner strength and balance with Chikung, Aikido principles and Coaching.

If these exercises are applied regularly, you will benefit from a wide variety of scientifically recognized results

Private session € 80, Group sessions € 20, next, group session calender at, Dornbirn


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You can not NOT communicate. Every thought, word, emotion you experience is stored in the brain and keeps having its effect. In the unconscious. Anyone who willingly or unwillingly focusses on negative information every day, unconsciously fosters a sense of impotence and develops negative thought structures which change our transmitter chemistry in the blood and in the brain. Dopamine level drops.  Stress hormone level rises.

Why is Meditation is so potent? New neuronal connections and dopamine levels increase. Even the actual morphology of the brain changes, according to Sara Lazar, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston. The brain scan shows that a structure in the brain, which is involved in the control of anxiety (among other things) actually shrinks! At the same time, the “grey substance” grows in areas of the brain, associated with compassion or are responsible for the memory. Daily meditation and critical choice of information intake is crucial to shape the way your brain works!

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