Co-Creating in the Business Environment

Unleashing Team Potentials beyond the known requires respect, trust and constructive communication skills. That is my personal belief based upon business literature and observation. Personally, I value research highly, assuming that ten years later, the information given is often irrelevant due to more research and a wider perspective. So we go with the information we have available while we focus on exploring what else is possible.

No Need to Pamper Employees. Acknowledge Uniqueness.

Pressure or hard work may secure survival, but not necessarily bring out the best in people to thrive in optimum creativity. Saying that, I don’t believe that cultivating a business environment that pampers employees (or at least acts as if it would). Thriving still takes effort. It is about creating the spirit of curiosity and daring to explore fearlessly and profoundly. Yes, it can be fun, once we clear our fears and know how to use this extra energy! Then comes the work to move from ideation to innovation. It takes a team with members of various talents. It takes acknowledging and respecting different talents for what they are.

How do you Build Trust?
How do you Build a Culture of Respect?
How do you Introduce Positive Communication Skills?

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We are all Leaders, Leading ourselves, Leading our Lives

I believe leading others requires self-knowledge, an attitude of continuous self-development, applying know-how in everyday life, both, intellectual and emotional intelligence and compassion.

You first!

True Leadership inspires curiosity in others: Focus on experimenting with the potential of what else is possible instead of sticking to “why not”. Willingness and courage to develop oneself continuously and be a role model for others requires a certain level of openness and fearlessness to show up for who you are, be approachable and approach, not just delegate behind the scenes.
Those who dare to bring their unique authentic self to the play inspire others to do so too.

A safe environment and a “nurturing” ground for continuous optimization can be built by training and experimenting with new tools, know-how and experiments.

Create a Safe Environment to Face the Unpredictable

Here is one approach: Walking Guru Trainings work with mental, emotional and physical experiences in a playful way. What we experience with senses and feelings is part of our treasure of know-how, not just something we’ve been told.

We use the spirit of surprise in order to explore and train for the unpredictable. We instill a spirit of curiosity during the process, breaking though old patterns playfully. We automatically recognize and appreciate our uniqueness as well as what unites us. We experiment with games, volunteering opportunities and creative experiments. Nobody needs to leave their comfort zone. Everybody is invited and most probably curious to expand their comfort zone. We open up to experiencing something new. That becomes a safe ground for us as a group: We are all in the same boat.
Most people are more curious than afraid to experiment something new in this safe environment. Most participants appreciate the training to be highly learning life-affirming for both, business and private life.

The Value of Social Events

Now, that the consequences of a virus has transformed life to a high extend into virtual experiences online, people recognize the value of socializing personally, meeting, exchanging and interacting live at the same time at the same place. Sitting at home on your computer without social contacts is nothing like being next to each other.

Now, many people are most open and appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow together. Zoom events can’t replace the experience of people meeting people and learning together. Most Walking Guru Trainings are available as Online Trainings. Live events are preferred.

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Change starts as a mental phenomenon.

It is about daring to explore and share your true self!

Improv workshop at Trampa Teatre

(Photos: Improvisation training at Trampa Teatre in Mallorca)

This is the real secret of life, to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.

Alan Watts

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The Walking Guru is You

Manuela has a kind way of pushing you just beyond your comfort zone in order to aid in success, growth and healing

Nick Tolotti, Beyond Entertainment, Reno NV

… a feeling of complete and total relaxation and “at-oneness” (if there is such word) it was just wonderful!

Amanda B., MJ Associates, Mallorca, Spain

The Walking Guru learning experience of combining Coaching outdoors, relaxation and follow-up coaching by phone I strongly recommend

Q.N. CEO, Switzerland

Manuela is an all-round sound person and credit to humanity.

The Barefoot Doctor aka Stephen Russel, London

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.

Walt Brubaker, Consultant, Stateline, NV

Your approach really coaches someone help themselves.

Amy Wootton, Wellness Expert, Founder of WellCore Network, Sacramento, CA 

She’s empowering!

Louisa Maccan-Graves, Beauty & Age-Proofing Expert at, Los Angeles

After one session with Manuela, I remembered…

Elisabeth L., Palma de Mallorca

The very next day my sales performance increased by 250%!

Chribeca S. Parodi, Mallorca, Spain

Du hast mir einen Weg aufgezeigt mit Selbstzweifel umzugehen, sie zu verabschieden, sich auf sein Bauchgefühl zu verlassen und es einfach anzugehen.

M.G. Fitness and Health Specialist, Germany

she also provides videos for her clients dedicated to helping perform an exercise they are struggling with.

Olivia Abrahmsohn, Product Developer, London

Her coaching had a great lasting impact on my body and soul over the years.

Angela Winter, Chief Press Officer, Munich

She has an excellent rapport with people of all ages and backgrounds … an asset to any event or organization.

Raaul Cohen, Dynamic Detox Expert, Mallorca

Gracias a esta técnica y tras varias sesiones juntos , con su coaching personalizado consigue que me sienta mas equilibrado a nivel emocional y he eliminado 5 kilos de sobrepeso en tan solo unas semanas.

Jesus de, Mentor Coach audiovisual, Madrid, Spain

Manuela´s coaching questions had extreme transformative powers in my life.

Rudolf Lenz, Dentist, Entrepreneur and Coach, Mallorca

Expert Relationship Coaching to finding your Center, compassionate, uncompromising

Kerstin S. Teamleitung Zentrumsbetrieb Migrationsamt Kanton St. Gallen

Manuela walked and talked me into a completely new spot light. A light that enlightened all that was present and all ready complete in myself, I only had to see it. I loved our hours together, her lightness of being and clearness of mind. I can highly recommend spending some time with Manuela.

Drs Ien van Wierst, Cultural Entrepreneur, Artist
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