Learning to Relax

The Yoga Alternative

Life is about decisions. When we know how to stay balanced, focus and concentrate we can make better decisions. What is a way to master the mind, easy, accessible, and most of all pleasant?

Really good ideas and changes don’t come from thinking. Thinking is based on what you already know and ruminating is not innovative. Plus, too much thinking in a rather uncontrolled way, disables us to choose positive or negative, constructive or riot. I call this the “Monkey Mind”.

Efficiency, creativity and enjoyment.

We offer alternatives to Yoga and Meditation that don’t require flexibility or patience. Ancient Chinese techniques and Walking Meditation can be learned any age and almost any physical or mental condition. We also offer individualized Coaching and Training sessions to guide you towards relaxing and directing your mind, and introduction into Yoga and Meditation.

Please get in touch if you need to learn to relax and quiet the mind. Call us at 34 661 682 888!

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