Coaching, Training & Follow-up

Working together requires trust, respect, understanding and compassion.
Together, we create a healthy environment for personal introspection and train personal mastery, creativity and open communication towards a joint goal.

  • Leadership –  Self mastery and coaching skills to inspire the best in every one
  • Teambuilding –  Healthy relationships from ME to WE honouring individuality
  • Culture Development – Oneness in Business, happy and healthy at work
  • Work-Life-Balance – practical exercises and follow-up programs
  • Creativity – daring to appreciate the unknown
  • Presenting – authenticity and confidence, German or English
  • Innovation – shift from fear of errors to challenges as chance
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Together, we playfully explore mindsets, reveal our best and train new skills in innovative and entertaining ways. English, German, Spanish and bilingual trainings.

The Walking Guru is You

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