Restoring Wellbeing

Healing is nothing anybody can “do” for you. Doctors can provide medication, therapy or operate. And yet, the actual restoration of your mental, emotional and physical health – the fact that cells reproduce and wounds heal is nature in action.

In that sense Healing happens through the magic behind Nature. Some call this power God, others Creative Life Energy and others Quantum Physics.

Today we know that sound, light and color frequencies orchestrate life.
Science can only proof that all life is based on energy and vibration.
Scientists still don’t exactly know what exactly makes the magic happen.
For now, let’s call it

Divine Grace

Divine Grace is not bound to a religion.
Explicitly asking for Divine Grace means agreeing to let go of limitations created by ego.

Getting out of the way, having total faith in Nature doing her job

A Divine Grace trained Healing Facilitator invokes and invites high frequencies of energy in such a way, that energy transmission can enter the energy field of the body.

It is Divine Grace, not you, not me that can remove blockages, imprints and programs stored in the unconscious that have been passed on through upbringing and conditioning or through generations, genes or possibly past lives.

Sounds spooky? It is definitely way beyond forcefully manipulating.


  • Being humble to ask for help
  • Getting out of the way (not controlling the process)
  • Know that you are worthy and expect healing to take place
  • Taking full responsibility for everything you FEEL.
    No blaming, but forgiveness.
    A decision to switch on the light and no longer focus on the darkness.

How it works

Attachments and Aversions (I like, I want, I hate…) make you feel stuck, identified with your physical body, rather than the energy that you are. This keeps the soul in bondage, you feel unfree and trapped. It also comes with the pain of mental, emotional and physical consequences. This pain is actually helpful: it is a sign and an opportunity, that something is ready for healing. Shutting off the pain with pain killer doesn’t heal the root of the consequence that you suffer from.

By prayer and intention we can tap into chakras, energy vortexes in the body, start feeling and understanding unconscious blockages and let them go. This can be done over the phone or in person.

Asking Divine Grace to release that attachment allows you to let go and come back into your own power.

Getting out of the way

Getting out of your own way may be not easy. You can’t force it by hard work. It is necessary for creative processes.

Creativity can flourish when let go and trust

Imagine the frequency of pure unconditional Love can come in and heal all wounds, in such a way that you can feel it. Sometimes it takes going through uncomfortable emotions, tears or strong sensations in the body. You feel energy moving.

Feel Energy moving

From believing in what you know to believing in the Power of Nature.
The feeling of Gratitude can kick in, replacing the feeling of Entitlement. A whole new experience can arise. The focus changes. You can find deep relief in Trust and ease in letting go.

It’s about learning, allowing and fostering unconditional Love

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