Private Coaching Retreat Mallorca 2021

Reconnect with Nature and with yourSelf. De-Stress. Unlearn. Recharge.
Start the day with feel-good rituals and practice new habits to stay in your power.

This exclusive private 6-Day Intensive in Mallorca is a unique opportunity to heal and change automized inner mechanisms that don’t work for you anymore. Release stress, learn pain-coping techniques, motivate to discover and share your gift with the world.

  • Explore and train morning rituals that suit you (1 hour)
  • Introduction into Walking Meditation
  • Daily Walking and Coaching sessions of (1-3 hours)
  • Self-Hypnosis, special session based on Hypo-Therapy for stress- and pain relief to train how to access a relaxed state of mind and switch focus from problem (e.g. disease or pain) to a desirable state (1 hour)
  • Introduction into Hypnotic Writing to access information beyond filters of conditioning (1 hour)
  • Daily personal assignments in silence (1-2 hours)

The Retreat is designed to combine individual daily Coaching sessions with personal exploration time. You will explore, experiment and activate new awareness tools, in order to change habits that have crept in and are no longer good for you. You will be in a safe discrete environment in a Hotel of your choice near Bendinat. The Lindner Hotel in Bendinat Mallorca offers a calm and serene atmosphere, an inviting Spa and outstanding services. Your day will start with a Walking-Coaching session outdoors in some of the most beautiful spots in Europe. In the afternoons you have time to explore.

What to expect – A typical Retreat Day

A typical Retreat Day starts early in the morning between 7 and 9, depending on your state. I will pick you up at your hotel. We start the day with Coaching outdoors in a beautiful environment. The first few days, Walking and Coaching will be your morning routine. Gradually, we will introduce physical, mental and emotional awareness techniques. Calculate 2-3 hours.

Manuela is opening doors where there were none

Dr. Rudolf Lenz, Dentist, Entrepreneur, Coach

Twice we will go on an excursion up the hills for up to 3 1/2 hours.

The afternoons are yours to explore deeper what is ready to be “opened”. One afternoon during the first half week, we will schedule a special appointment for an especially relaxing session with elements of self-hypnosis-training as introduction into hypnotic writing.

An assignment for early mornings and last thing before sleeping will be to do hypnotic writing. This type of journaling brings up what is in there, unfiltered by the thinking mind. Clients tend to be surprised what they have tried to ignore, both, “positive” and “negative”. It’s pretty awesome to witness how things change during the week.

The second half of the week we start the day with individualized morning rituals. Depending on your needs and abilities you will train relaxing stretching, breathing techniques combined with physical exercise with elements of Yoga or Chikung and Alexander-Technique.

Your week will be filled with awareness training. You will learn to witness, what is and train tools how to deal with it in a positive way.

We will not sweet-talk things, nor ignore what is not aligned with your values so far, rather switch focus from negative to positive, from problem thinking to solution acting. You may have experienced fear of the unknown and you may experience curiosity and excitement about unknown possibilities to be explored!

You are more than a piece of flesh and a super computer in the head

Why book this Retreat?

Being away from your habitual environment helps to stop distracting and giving your focus and energy away. It takes a kind, healthy, stress-free and supportive environment to promote change and healing. Leaving the system you are usually in, not only for the daily walking, coaching and relaxation sessions but also to have extra time for yourself will help you gain clarity and awareness. You will practice to switch from compulsive thinking to being present. No distractions. Experiments in Nature will be part of the process.

Read what clients report!

What you will get

Europe’s first Walking Coach Manuela Stoerzer will guide you along you journey to towards self-empowerment with exclusive Coaching Sessions, Walking Meditation, Physical Exercise, Relaxation Techniques, Self-Hypnosis Training, Introduction into Hypnotic Writing, Personal Writing Experiments and valuable Feedback. You will have enough time for yourself to process and do what you enjoy: additional massages, horse-back riding, golf or outdoor activities.

The day starts with new impulses, techniques and experiments to feel what feels good and what doesn’t. It requires awareness to change automated programs that run inside us. You will learn to be present and aware and strengthen this awareness muscle.

Discrete. Exclusive. Unique. Tailor-made for your requirements.

Lightness of Being

This unique opportunity is designed to transform those thinking, feeling and lifestyle habits that don’t serve you anymore. You can learn to change from unconscious reactions to conscious choices and upgrade your quality of life. You will allow yourself to give thinking a break, enjoy feeling what you feel and be grateful in the very moment.

You will explore, how it feels to expand your comfort zone and experiment with allowing new possibilities.

Attitude, mood, hormones, habits: with know-how and actions you can make your magic happen. An exciting – possibly lifelong- journey, from outdated patterns and judgments into your truth and power. Here, you learn the tools.

Is this for you?

  • Do you live a high speed “internal” or external environment?
  • Have you experienced a negative state of mind during some time?
  • Are you ready to create a change and don’t know how?
  • Are you open to upgrade your lifestyle choices?
  • Do you crave to get out of the mouse-wheel?
  • Are you looking for inner peace and harmony?
  • Are you ready to look at your strengths, weaknesses and true values?
  • Do you feel a desire for purpose?


  • How to be present: switch from compulsive thinking and emotional rollercoaster to actually feeling and being here now
  • How to start transforming unconscious patterns with awareness
  • How overcome resistance and accept what is as a base to act (versus react) upon it
  • How to dare and indulge in living and enjoying the moment free (versus escaping in work, drugs or external remedies to make you change what you really feel
  • How to stop reactions what you don’t want
  • How to playfully experience new healthy habits
  • How to feel more awake, present, aware, in your own power, free to choose

Clarity, Focus, Direction

The last years as CEO were marked by enormous stress, pressure and a gradual dissatisfaction … That is why I followed a recommendation … Mental Power and Walking Coach Manuela helped me to learn how real inner change is possible. I was totally exhausted when I arrived. Thanks to the support of the professional during a one-week Intensive and follow-up coaching by phone, I recovered my energy and set clear goals for the future, which still has a lasting effect till today. The learning experience of combining Coaching outdoors, deep relaxation techniques and follow-up coaching by phone I strongly recommend to anyone in a similar life situation who wants a change.

You will not just explore how to recognize habitual thinking, feeling and re-action patterns but how to actually BE here now. Centered. Focused. Feeling calm and grounded.

You will learn about the magic of your body, your mind, your emotions and energy. You will start to appreciate the benefits of “stress” and how to use your energy and power for yourself and others.

You can also find out how it feels to do a daily 10 minute meditation practice, if you are ready. Feel your energy and vibration, that connects us all.

Your Experience

  • Daily Expert Coaching with prize-awarded Coach Manuela Stoerzer
  • Daily healthy habits practices, experiencing and documenting a shift in how you feel
  • Specific tools and techniques to get into a state of deep relaxation and sense of connection
  • Fear-free time to go within, free from “have-to’s”
  • Shifting from resistance towards conscious feeling and appreciating being here now

Expert Coaching in a safe environment

What you will learn

  • How a personalized Morning Ritual changes your start into the day
  • How you can apply Coaching Tools by yourself
  • Individualized Relaxation Techniques for balance, peace and energy.
  • How to value and make time for yourself, to process feelings, for introspection, creative expression and reconnecting.
  • How Digital, Mental and escapism Detox fills the holes with inner peace.

The Coaching Investment

Your One-Week exclusive Coaching Package includes

Phase 1

  • Pre-Retreat Clarity Coaching

Phase 2

  • 5 Walking and Coaching sessions outdoors
  • Personalized meditative relaxing exercise sessions suiting to your needs and abilities, elements of Yoga, Tai Chi, QiGong and/or Guided Meditation
  • Introduction into hypnotic writing
  • Personalized assignments to experiment with

Phase 3

  • Access to Follow-up Coaching and Monitoring Calls at 50% of the regular rate of €120 during the next 6 months


The Coaching-Investment does not include your travel expenses such as flight, hotel, food and extras. You may choose a Hotel of your choice in the Southwest of Mallorca.


With the Coaching Retreat Package you get 6 months access to priority appointments for your Coaching Sessions.

Apply for you Private Retreat here:

Retreat in Mallorca

Within only 2hours flight distance from most major European cities you reach Palma de Mallorca, a rediscovered jewel in the Mediterranean.

Your Personal Coaching Retreat will be designed specifically for your intentions, needs, requirements and condition in a discrete, safe environment. You will book a Hotel of your choice near Bendinat. Trusted local experts will be available for extra treatments, massages and therapies such as Detox, Ayurveda, Cranio Sacral.

The Mallorca Private Retreat

  • Is your lifestyle adjusted to your real needs?
  • Are your habits reflecting your wishes?
  • Do you feel exited about the new day?
  • Do you experience peace of mind?
  • Do you feel fit and energized?
  • Do you live in a high speed environment?
  • Do you wish to prevent burnout?
  • Are you ready for a break from the mouse-wheel?
  • Would you like to experience inner peace and harmony?
  • Are you interested spiritual awareness and growth?

A Clarity Coaching is one call away. The investment of 120€ will be deducted from your Coaching Retreat prize. Whatsapp +34 661 682 888

Please contact for details.

Clarity, Focus, Direction

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