Get your Energy back

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We are energy. We are change. Nobody can change us, but ourselves.
Since 2001 Europe’s first “Walking Coach” makes her clients walk in nature regularly.  You will learn how to get centered, gain clarity, focus and direction beyond monkey mind chatter and emotional rollercoaster. What clients say
Do the first step to find inner peace and get your energy back today!

Are you doing what is really good for you?
Clear and cultivate your energy with Yaduma Coaching and Training. Become aware of thinking and feeling patterns, relax mind and body and let go. Learn to change your state of mind, your perception of reality and how you respond to it. Feel good now.

Meditation has been proven to increase brain capacity and the ability to concentrate . Scientific research suggests that Walking not only helps maintain and improve your physical fitness but also balances stress hormones and your mental capacity. Like the benefits of regular Yoga practice , practicing Yaduma Walking Meditation is a start to a new way of life.

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Benefits of Meditation and Walking Meditation Practices

Every word you consume, every thought and emotion you replay is stored in the brain and keeps having its effect in the unconscious. Anyone who reads negative information every day or criticises and compares themselves constantly, fosters a sense of impotence and develops negative thought structures. And these negative thoughts change our transmitter chemistry in the blood and in the brain. Dopamine level drops.  Stress hormone level rises.

Here comes the benefit of Meditation: New neuronal connections and dopamine levels increase. Training is even reflected in the actual morphology of the brain, according to Sara Lazar, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston. The brain scan shows that a structure in the brain, which is involved in the control of anxiety (among other things) actually shrinks. You can change your brain structure and the way it works, like a muscle,”train the relaxation muscle”. At the same time, the “grey substance” grows in areas of the brain, associated with compassion or are responsible for the memory. Daily meditation and choice of information intake is crucial to shape the way your brain works.

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