This One-Week Individual-Intensive offers a safe environment for coaching, sharing and introspection in beautiful Mallorca.

When else?

Feeling “stuck” the jungle of thoughts and emotions can be the perfect moment to grow beyond doubts, old limitations and erroneous beliefs, resulting in suffering or illusion. Get to know yourself. Find your Center.

Clarity, Focus, Direction

  • Find inner peace, learn to listen inside beyond Monkey Mind chatter and Emotional Rollercoaster.
  • Get to know yourself, dare to feel, explore new ways to living life.
  • Let go and get your energy back.
  • Time for yourself to relax, focus, learn to direct energy consciously.
  • Learn and enjoy to be here now, with all senses and attention

Your Day will include

digital detox overlooking the sea when you wake up

A safe environment for you to share with an expert, available for you during your week when needed.

  • A Personal Morning Ritual according to your needs and abilities from physical exercise, yoga, chikung or tai chi.
  • A healthy simple breakfast possibly on the terrace overlooking the sea.
  • A Private Coaching Session daily in nature learning Tools to take home and practice Walking Meditation or Conscious Walking
  • A Session of individualized Relaxation/Guided Meditation/Hypnotic Writing Techniques and Exercises
  • Enough Time for introspection, meditation and processing
  • Digital Detox to relax, feel what is and find your center
  • Extra Support when needed

Conveniently located within 2 hours flight distance from major cities in Europe. The pleasant climate and the ease of the island guarantee a safe environment and necessary rest that you need for your individual growth process.

  • Awareness training to find out what you really are about
  • Training and coaching in nature to become aware of personal patterns
  • Practice to let go with relaxation techniques and gain clarity, focus and direction
  • Learn and practice Coaching Tools for Self-Empowerment
  • Enough time to relax, process, enjoy

€ 1880 Coaching Special +
€ 510 Private Accommodation with queen-size bed, sea-view and en-suite bathroom Alternatively you book a room in nearby Hotels Lindner, ROC, Melia and Marivent. Travel, Transfers, Food, Extras not included.

Date: April 11-18, 2020 in Mallorca. Please contact for details!

Reconnect with Nature at Yaduma Coaching Revitalization Program in Mallorca

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