In order to change something within and around ourselves a change of location can be the key to discovering something profound and new. Mallorca is an ideal place to relax, conveniently located within 2 hours flight distance from major cities in Europe. The pleasant climate and the ease of the island guarantee the necessary rest, relaxation and concentration that you need for the process of change.

We offer 3, 7 and 10 day programs in a safe environment away from your habitual setting in the Lindner Hotel in Bendinat, 20 minutes from the airport. Together, we design your daily program which will consist in a mix of Walking & Coaching and Consulting in nature, Relaxation Techniques and Energy Work. Expect 3-5 hours of Coaching, Consulting and Chikung exercises for relaxation. Find your center and enable yourself to make better decisions!

Cost: Coaching fees

Travel, accommodation and food etc. not included.