Oneness in Business

We support you in the process of updating, living and evolving your Company Culture.

“I get another offer somewhere else and I am gone.”
“We don’t know where we are going.”
“My work is not appreciated.”
“We don’t work together, we act like competitors or enemies.”
“In reality, fear is my motivator, my body shows it.”

Values and past experience determine behaviour, attitude and emotional response.
We create a safe environment to explore, develop and express what is needed to be able to go the extra mile. Humans need clarity, focus and direction to thrive. And good relationships. Trust. We train open communication for better understanding, alignment and teamwork. From ME to WE. And we have fun doing so!

Seminars and Workshops

Better together.  Individual, self-reflective work, team-games, mind-opening techniques, training communication and interaction skills, including relaxation techniques and fun.

Oneness in Business Edutainment Show

Laughter and humour can be sharp tools to cut through ego limitations. With a playful attitude, we show the ridiculousness of current affairs and point to the discrepancy between how we think things are and how they actually are. Fun and worth to be celebrated every once in a while to stay awake.


Beyond habitual.  An accompanying process based on questioning what is really going on. Training awareness, own responsibility to make better, authentic decisions. Continuously evolve the way you think, feel and act. In-House, Retreats, Coaching Calls, Follow-up Sessions.


Communication and Interaction. Better together by listening, sharing, understanding better.
Success-factor Trust.  How to create a safe environment where people dare to talk their truth.
Value-based Business.  Respect and appreciation. A people-oriented strategy for sustainable growth.
Oneness in Business.  When a bunch of daring to be authentic individuals work for something bigger.


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