the walking guru

be yourself, not your story

Oneness in Business

We support you in the process of updating, living and evolving your Company Culture. People need to know where they are going, what for and why.
You need clarity, focus and direction to thrive. Open communication improves relationships, teamwork, understanding, trust, contentment and health. From me to we.
Speaking Engagements
The Power beyond the Monkey Mind and the Emotional Rollercoaster.
Recover joy and energy and get your power back! How do you free your energy for yourself and our system, feel good and enjoy what you do? How do you stay motivated, happy and healthy?
Edutainment Show
Break through limitations with laughter and humor! Playfully, we show the ridiculousness of certain affairs and point out the discrepancy between what we think there is and how things actually are. Worth to be celebrated every once in a while to remember how to feel good and to stay awake in everyday’s life.
Coaching  beyond habitual
Questioning, awareness training and liberating responsibility to align thoughts, emotions and actions. In-House, Retreats, Coaching Calls, Follow-up.
Seminars and Workshops
Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 12.01.54Better together.  Individual, self-reflective work, team-games, mind-opening techniques, training open communication and interaction skills, including relaxation techniques and fun.

The Walking Guru is You


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