A Culture of Oneness in Business


Coaching-Tools for Self-Mastery and Leadership to bring out the best in everyone

Building trust in your organization is crucial for sustainable growth.

Learn how to empower people to dare to look deeper inside, explore and develop new possibilities  beyond their habitual patterns of thought and action. Encourage them to risk to be authentic and different.

Explore and help change mindsets and attitudes for a more respectful, responsible, not only successful but also enjoyable togetherness.

Innovative ways of Coaching, Training and Retreats to support individuals realize their potential within the company’s mission and vision.


Oneness in Business Show

An entertaining eye-opener to become aware of mindsets and new possibilities with a sense of belonging and the idea of continuous learning.


Communication is Key *** How to create a safe space where people dare to talk the truth
Value-based Business *** A people-oriented strategy for a more sustainable growth
Business 3.0 – Adding the gut-factor into doing business, we can be and do much more

Seminars and Workshops

Better together *** Combining individual, self-reflective work with team-games, mind-opening techniques and training in- and outdoors


Beyond habitual *** An accompanying process based on inspiring questions to continuously enhance and expand thinking, feeling and acting. In-House, Retreats, Coaching-Calls, Follow-up Sessions.

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