Energetic Rebalancing

Practical course to focus, balance mind & body and unlock energy.

Stress, Social Pressure and Conditioning are fact.
The way we deal with it is a skill and a choice. If you suppress what you really feel or if you find yourself imprisoned in obsessive thinking, working, internet, alcohol or other addictive patterns, then now is a good moment to take over the wheel again!

Energetic Rebalancing is a way.

It will take applying the skills you learn regularly, in order to make them a new default setting.

Energetic Rebalancing takes getting out of the way and allowing Divine Grace to take over. In only one day, you can learn enough to get started on your new path.

Mental Peace, Deep Relaxation, Emotional Wellness and Purpose are the personal benefits that help unlock your power for a greater good.

This One Day Program with Manuela Stoerzer includes

Energetic Rebalancing Program for Mental Peace and Emotional Wellness

Walking and Coaching
Learning Life Coaching Tools
Purposeful Energy Work
Awareness Training
Relaxation Techniques

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Life is a choice. Make it yours!