How do you deal with challenging situations?

It’s easy to get trapped in fear, react aggressively or freeze when we realize that we have no control over certain circumstances. However, those challenging situations can provide huge opportunities for growth: We are literally kicked out of our habitual daily life and out of our comfort zone. That comfort zone was supposed to keep us safe and comfortable. Now that idea has crashed rudely. We can’t deny that it wasn’t that safe and easy in the first place.

Let’s be honest: Attaching to a fake idea of ease takes a decent amount of unawareness, denial, ego-self-talk and distraction. Now, life has thrown us out of the mouse-wheel. Thank you for that initiation towards new possibilities!

Something deep inside tells us to evolve. We know that repeating the habitual, closing our eyes, ears and hearts until the last day on earth is little life-affirming. Challenges have a huge potential: After the initial shock, we can make new choices. We can decide to do different things and to do things we do differently. It’s our choice, our power and our responsibility.

Chaos can set free energy for new choices

Once we manage to walk through the fear, dark, anger we can stop blaming the world for our choices, let go of projections and recollect our own power.

Time to be clear and put all the levers in motion towards a constructive, life-affirming direction. I believe we have responsibility to take care of ourselves first. This for me means to empty out, what is not helpful, including concepts, habits, unconscious patterns we collected without even knowing. We can change the way we do the things we do and have an impact on the world, by being who we really are.

Coaching Secrets

During a Coaching process, you can explore which kind of tools, experiences and practices work for you to access your power within: Tools to declutter mind, home, life, ways to heal emotions and experiments to find a lifestyle full of valuable choices that can keep you fit, happy and healthy.

How can we change the way we think, feel and act?

Imagine your system would be vibrating at a certain frequency like a radio wave. You transmit this wave and you are tuned in to receive this type of wave. Now if you think of a certain situation, you can have feelings in your body without living this moment, correct? If you gain awareness and clarity, you can stay present without getting lost in conditioning, concepts, past or future.

Suppressing thoughts and emotions can be stressful and lead to psychosomatic problems, lack of joy or even abusive and destructive behaviors. There is a way to switch from resisting to allowing what is. I am here to facilitate the process of finding your way.

Is it necessary to practice Walking and Meditation?

“My” Walking and Coaching approach has received and innovation prize-award in 2006 for combining elements such as Coaching with outdoor awareness training and more. It’s nothing new though. All over the world ancient cultures have been using similar techniques to stay present, focused and connected.

Walking and Meditation is not obligatory. There are other ways to raise body and mind awareness. Walking and Walking Meditation tend to be easy, effective and practical to get started on the new path. Spending time in nature can be highly relaxing. We will find out, what kind of new habits will work for you to get you on your path. My approach uses a combination of outdoor training, phone coaching, relaxation training and some form of regularly practices awareness ritual. It requires love, determination and consistency. The goal is that you access your inner knowledge and power and don’t get stuck on the way. You will have a change to dive in and combine willpower, patience and love towards that goal!

Is there a quality control system?

This coaching serves to get you into your power, free from dependencies.
This is the deal: I provide coaching and training and you do your homework. We have regular coaching calls to check in how you are doing and how you feel during the process. Motivational problems or crisis during the process will be reflected and tend to turn out as incubators to resolve longterm unresolved conflicts. Positive feelings during the process will be honored the same. After the coaching process you make your path. I stay available in the background. It will continue to be your responsibility to take care of yourself and request help when needed.

Access the Power within

The goal is that you access your power within. I facilitate the process.

Are you ready?

If you feel, this is for you, you will have to do the first step!

In the end, Manuela teaches you the one single most important thing, that self-empowerment comes from within. And most importantly how to access it and let it free! Rose Esma, Mallorca

Your tools and suggestions really help someone help themselves
Amy Wootton, Wellness Expert, Founder of WellCore Network, Sacramento, CA

The learning experience of combining Coaching outdoors, deep relaxation techniques and follow-up Coaching by phone I strongly recommend… it has a lasting effect. Anonymous


Manuela has been credibly facilitating Growth Processes for Individuals and Business Groups with her award-winning Coaching Program since 2000

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