How do you deal with challenging situations?

By learning to respond in a healthy way to a situation, you can make a difference in your personal quality of life and in your environment. I will coach you. You experience.

“I have always been like that!”
Learn tools to change the way you think, feel and act. Learn to use your body, mind and feelings in a constructive, positive way. Free yourself from giving your power away to an unhealthy, reactive habit. Nature works perfectly. You are part of the miracle.

Sometimes, we just don’t realize that we are out of balance. A subtle sense of continuing discomfort or moaning people around us can make us aware that the real potential lies within us. Sometimes health breaks down. Sometimes, whole systems collapse, when one person is out of sync. Being really aware of a situation, no longer denying that you are hardly ever at ease is necessary to act in a responsible way and make the first step towards change: Learn to motivate for positive change and possibly get assistance!

Herein lies a huge chance to expand your range of possible response to a situation. You don’t know how? That’s understandable. You only know what you know so far. New ideas and abilities are to be discovered. It is my job and passion to coach you along towards defining your own, new solutions.

Let’s be honest: Attaching to a fake idea of comfort takes a decent amount of unawareness, denial, separating ego-self-talk and distractions. Now, life is about to throw you out of the mouse-wheel like a natural initiation towards new possibilities!

Something deep inside tells us to evolve. We know that repeating the habitual, closing our eyes, ears and hearts until the last day on earth is little life-affirming. Challenges have a huge potential: After the initial shock, we can make new choices. We can decide to do different things and to do things differently. It’s our choice, our power and our responsibility.

Chaos can set free energy for new choices

Once we manage to walk through the fear, dark, anger we can stop blaming the world for our choices, let go of projections and use our own power!

Time to be clear and put all the levers in motion towards a constructive, life-affirming direction. I believe we have responsibility to take care of ourselves first. This for me means to empty out, what is not helpful, including concepts, habits, unconscious patterns we collected without even knowing. We can change the way we do the things we do and have an impact on the world, by being who we really are.

Executive Coaching Consultancy

During a Coaching process, you will explore which kind of tools, experiences and practices work for you to declutter mind, home, life and find a lifestyle that keeps you fit, happy and healthy. Communicating with your team in an open, positive fear-free/non-intimidating way is part of the process.

How can we change the way we think, feel and act?

Imagine your system vibrating at a certain frequency like a radio wave. You transmit this wave and you are tuned in to receiving this type of wave. Gaining awareness and clarity, you can stay present without getting lost in conditioning, concepts, past or future. That will be part of the training: get rid of bulk and free yourself.

Suppressing thoughts and emotions can be stressful and lead to lack of joy or even health issues. You will train to switch from resisting to allowing what is. I will facilitate the process of finding your new way.

Is it necessary to practice Walking or Walking Meditation?

My method of Coaching is combining mental training with smooth walking exercise in nature. This “Walking Guru” approach has received an innovation prize-award in 2006. All over the world ancient cultures have been using similar techniques to stay present, focused and connected. I will coach you/ your team in person, and over the phone. You will walk autonomously and make your own path. Walking is part of the deal for this approach to work. It serves as a form of meditation, relaxation and fitness training. During the breaks is when profound change happens. I will teach you how.

Is there a Quality Control System?

This coaching approach serves to get you into your power, free from dependencies.
I provide coaching and training and you do your homework. We will have regular coaching calls to check in during the process. Motivational problems serve as incubators to resolve old conflicts. We will track your success. After the coaching process I stay available for mentoring.

Personal investment and commitment are indispensable. Gift vouchers are not offered.

Access the Power within

The goal is that you access your power within. I facilitate the process with The Walking Guru system.

Is this for you?

Your tools and suggestions really help someone help themselves
Amy Wootton, Wellness Expert, Founder of WellCore Network, Sacramento, CA

The learning experience of combining Coaching outdoors, deep relaxation techniques and follow-up Coaching by phone I strongly recommend… it has a lasting effect. Anonymous


Manuela has been credibly facilitating Growth Processes for Individuals and Business Groups with her award-winning Coaching Program since 2000

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