Reconnect with your Self

Go on a journey to amazing relaxing locations with great energy to retreat yourself temporarily from the world to get to know yourself better, cleanse and heal from surcharge. You will learn tools to transform mindset, differentiate between between truth and illusion and between loving and poor habits. You will find time to explore your personal way towards inner freedom, who you are and what you are here for.

Time and space to dare to face what is. Lovingly welcome all there is in and beyond “the box”. We will exchange openly and also “guard our tongues to develop our hearts”, share our truth, learn from each other, practice yoga in the morning and walking meditation in silence and most possibly have a lot of fun. You will learn to relax, energize and to lovingly connect with your inner world.

A journey to your Self …



Focus on what is really important, concentrate on what you want, appreciate the here and now. We provide a safe environment and great understanding with respect, patience, and know-how. This journey can be a new beginning. Afterwards, you walk your path.

Back to nature to some of the most beautiful places on earth. We teach coaching skills with improv games, train awareness, learn principles of relaxation, experiment with hypnotic writing and walking meditation in silence. We have regular talks, Q & A sessions, sharing, exchange and fun. You will have quiet time for yourself.

We run retreats from 1-4 weeks for a maximum of 12 people. We work and train in amazing locations from Mallorca, Austria, Lake Tahoe, Central America to Peru. English, Deutsch or Español. Before journeying together book a free personal consultation!