Retrieve your spark

We take you to amazing locations with great energy on a spiritual journey to cleanse, heal and get to know yourself. You will practice Walking in nature and explore your personal way of a meditative lifestyle in order to transform mindset and habits. We will share, exchange, have fun. You will learn to gain inner peace, balance and energy.

Your journey to your inner self …




Clarity, Focus and Direction
Coaching, awareness and relaxation training will support you to switch your focus into the desired direction, enjoy the here and now. We provide a safe environment and great understanding with respect, patience, and know-how. This journey is a new beginning. Afterwards, you walk your path.
Later, we are available for coaching calls to help you stay on your track.

How we teach
We take you back to nature to some of the most beautiful places on earth. We teach coaching, awareness and relaxation techniques, principles of Chikung and Aikido, hypnotic writing, Walking Meditation, Q & A sessions. We have fun.


We run retreats from 1-4 weeks for a maximum of 12 people. We work and train in amazing locations from Mallorca, Austria, Lake Tahoe, Central America to Peru. English, Deutsch or Español. Before journeying together we require a personal consultation. Get in touch to come along reserve your spot!!!