Yaduma Retreat to free your Power

Lost your Spark?

A pathway to find out what you really want and who you really are in inspiring locations. Take a break from habitual settings for a journey to cleanse, heal, transform mindset.  Switching from limiting beliefs to becoming your own master. We show you the tools to relax deeply, become aware and centered and relate with others and yourself with compassion.

Clarity, Focus and Direction

With the help of Coaching, Awareness and Relaxation Training you gain Clarity, Focus and Direction. We provide a safe environment and great understanding with respect, patience, and know-how. This is just the beginning. We support you with a one-year follow up program.

How we teach

We take you back to nature. We use Coaching, Awareness and Relaxation Techniques, principles of Chi Kung and Aikido, Hypnotic Writing, Walking Meditation and Q & A sessions. We love fun. We design retreats and group programs individually. We work and train in amazing locations around the world in English, Deutsch or Español. Before collaborating we require a personal consultation. Please get in touch to let us know your needs!