Online Coaching Program to better understand and lead yourself and others.
Plus: Special Retreat-Program for Participants

Optimize Change Processes for Yourself, Clients and Coworkers

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Is continuous development part of your life?
Does your profession imply to lead, teach, coach or support others?

Are you open to keep optimizing processes?
Do you dare to explore and experiment beyond the known?
Are you open to work on your business and on yourself?

For a limited number of coachees I offer a 6 months Train-The-Trainer online Coaching Course, Mentoring and Co-learning Space:

Train-The-Leader online


  • Committed to continuous learning and improving processes
  • Proactivity Attitude
  • Open to experiment, co-study, and -create new ways to facilitate change processes.
  • Committed to invest at least one hour per week during 6 months and up to 5 hours weekly for personal exploration work.
  • Dedicated to apply new habits and “walk your talk”.

During this 6months Walking-Guru-Training you will be learning by applying the explored topics in daily life, week by week. There is no final exam. Your test will be, to consciously respond to situations, apply new knowhow and gain your own experienced insights. You won’t get judged. You will receive and learn to appreciate valuable feedback. Judging yourself or others will be replaced by constructive input. You will gain personal experience of how a longterm coaching process works within. This experience will guide you to accompany clients and facilitate change credibly for your clientele or employees. Processes can be optimized when the understanding and constructive habits replace human animosities. What we thought of as failure is constructive input for change management. You will train the ability to master your mind, stay balanced, clear and inspiring in challenging situations.

Train-The-Trainer online

The Curriculum

3 Months Personal Coaching Sessions

You will experience and consciously reflect your own continuous development and transformational process. Experiencing a longterm coaching process personally is powerful and more intense than acquiring and passing on intellectual knowledge only. You will explore new possibilities while facing challenging situations right there in the very moment. Your own experience will facilitate your ability to interact with clients and/or employees constructively.

3 Months of Weekly Team Coaching Sessions via Zoom

The next 3 months you will meet the team during zoom calls to share experiences. You will be co-create a safe space to learn and practice how to coach. You will discuss coaching sessions that you provide and challenging situations anonymously and learn how to use these challenges as a coach. You will share your own learning processes. You will practice listening skills. You will explore and develop strategies for your development as a coach.

Life is not linear. People are not machines. You will coach by principles and habits to stay agile, respond creatively to challenges and balance knowledge and intuition.

Train-The Leader online

Selection of Contents

Intro into Hypnotic Writing to unleash Creativity
Compassion versus Empathy
Basics Emotional Intelligence
How to protect yourself
Doubts, Insecurities
Ideas about ego, self, soul, spirit and body
Develop consistency
Principles and Healthy Habits
Self-motivation, needs and self-sabotage
Developing your Coaching and Teaching Style
Structure and Agility at work
Communication, Empathy, Problem-Solving, & Conflict Resolution
Personal Work and Life Ethics and when you are off track
What to do when you don’t know what to do
Define your USP

The Purpose of this Train-the-Leader Course

The purpose of this course is to enable you to inspire others to master continuous change, train and pass on knowledge confidently.

This training is about you first. You will engage in exploring, personally experimenting, discussing and sharing challenges.

Train-The-Leader online

The Investment

The fee includes coaching and training and does not include extras such as phone costs. Ask for special possibilities for people who are unemployed or currently with low income!

Early Birds€2500* payable 1 months in advance
Payment€3000* payable by beginning of the course
Monthly Installments€1000* at registration, plus
5 installments of €400 by the 5th of each month
*Fees are non -refundable, however in case of cancelation you can transfer your credit to another person or use it for
Personal Coaching Sessions during the next 3 months. In case the organizer is unable to provide a training as planned, the training will be re-scheduled for another day.

The Group is limited to 3-6 participants. Next starting date is Autumn 2020 via Zoom.

Ask for Specials for Students and Unemployed!

Optional Follow-Up


During these 10 days we actually live and learn together. We will apply new tools in order to explore the balanced, strong and purposeful version of ourselves within a group. There is no fixed training schedule during these 10 days. This is an experiment, living what we learned and showing up as vulnerable, compassionate human beings with a mission. Together we will decide on times for joint meals.

If circumstances allow, we will spend these days together in Mallorca.
This retreat is exclusive for participants of the Train-the-Trainer Program. Cost for the week will be €600 including materials, not including costs for lodging, food and beverage. We will decide on a place to stay in Mallorca, possibly self-organize shopping and cooking and share costs.

The Way we Do the Things we Do

Start the day introducing a healthy morning ritual. Every day a little earlier. Until we get up before sunrise.

In this very safe space we will inspire each other to become aware of unconscious thinking, feeling and acting habits with a smile, free from judgment, blame or fear. We will experiment hypnotic writing and explore creativity playfully experimenting with various activities. We will dare to share how we feel and inspire each other to explore and go for what we really want during this time together. This is the time to explore individual boundaries and create a safe space for yourself and your co-coachees/coaches. Here we can practice listening skills, patience, compassion, non-violence, perseverance and consistency, learn to let go of preset ideas and open up for new possibilities beyond the learned.

We will experiment how to start the day fresh, energized and joyous.

You will be exploring ways to strengthen and balance body and mind with help of simple breathing exercises, warm-up exercises, easy yoga asanas, tai chi or chikung exercises, quiet time and intention-setting.

Each of us will be free to spend their day individually or work on a joint project together. We will have a chance to explore creative ways of expressing ourselves playfully. Conscious eating, conscious physical exercise, conscious sharing will be part of the experiment. After this month, you will be free to apply what you undeniably know is possible for you in your daily life and you can credibly share your insights with others.

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