Oneness in Business

Clarity. Focus. Direction

Innovative ways of Coaching, Training and Retreats to support individuals realize their potential within the company´s vision.

Oneness in Business Show
An entertaining one-hour interactive show to break the ice and open up employees to new perspectives. Find new ways of communicating and a sense of belonging. Our event serves as a teaser to open up minds to new ideas and for the Oneness in Business 5-Day-Retreat.

Oneness in Business-Retreat
A unique experience: a 5-day retreat in a relaxing, inspiring and safe environment to energize, learn tools for more well-being and better performance. Together we explore purpose, direction, mission and vision.  Mental coaching, games and training open up to expand habitual thinking, feeling and action. Energy work, relaxation and easy fitness training leads to a state of well-being. With humor, discretion and fun Manuela and Anthony, help participants access their own power to expand their minds for better quality of life daily.  We cooperate with an experienced travel agent for travel arrangements and keep fees transparent. Coach honoraries are only € 2000/coach/day + expenses!

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