Walking Meditation to Change Effectively

Talking about effectiveness requires a timeframe, determined factors and a desired outcome. Walking and Coaching is not going to change you. You will change yourself, you will change your inner set up. You will walk the path that it takes. Nobody can do that for you. It’s your choice, day by day, what you do with your lifetime. And how you decide to show up. It is a scary situation for the ego mind to dive into the unknown: Letting go of old habits means letting go of control – trusting in the process of nature.

Facing Fear of the Unknown – Emotional Awareness

The human mind is setup to survive. Fear is biologically useful, yet nowadays, many fears are not really protective, but harmful. It’s “normal”. Where we live, we don’t fight dangerous animals, nor do we starve from hunger. The mental setup is still there. So instead of imagining the light after the tunnel, the mind comes up with all the “why not’s”, the worst case scenarios, fear of blame, fear of shame, control issues. Perfectly normal.

I won’t can change you

Don’t change your self! Just let go, of what is not yours!

It is all in your hands. I can give you a hand guiding you along to train the technique. There is nothing, you couldn’t read up in the internet or read a book about. All information is available, either in the internet or during meditation. Making it yours is the difference between knowing and being, between knowing-how and living, between mental bullshit and experiencing joy. Daily experimenting with a new state of mind that you may have experienced temporarily is what makes the difference. Being able to go to that place of inner Peace regularly requires consistency and moderation, a mix of willpower and tender loving care. It takes courage to let go.

Just can't meditate? Try Walking Meditation instead. It is easy for those who can't sit still.

Walking and Coaching is simple: You will get into a relaxed state of mind. You will allow yourself to empty the “mental working memory” temporarily and arrive Here Now.

You will learn how to observe mental and emotional activity in a safe environment. Just like meditation – walking meditation. Your “investment” really starts after Coaching: the courage to feel what you feel, letting go and diving deep inside, to a place of peace regularly.

The challenge

The challenge is to convince your brain to trust, that nature is setup in life-affirming way without you controlling the world. You can’t buy trust. You can’t buy confidence. You can find it inside though.

The Outcome

It is not about the outcome. It doesn’t matter if you get this job or that partner or stay in this job or partnership. Any outcome is perfect as long as YOU are in, truthful to yourself, not denying, nor ignoring but staying truthful and committed to yourself. You can’t just live up to other people’s expirations. To expect to stay healthy and content, it takes to live up to your own values. That’s the path.

During 20 years it has been my passion to inspire people for those changes, to take over the reigns and be able to jump into life every day again and again: trust life, enjoy the life they created and create the life they enjoy. All started with my own experience and a deep heartfelt desire… Long time ago. During all this time, I kept on making errors, I kept on practicing to let go and I kept on learning. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower. The best of all: I keep discovering limitless opportunities what else is possible…

If you or your team is stuck and can’t get out of sticky old mental, emotional and reactive habits that hold you back, there are hundreds of ways to change: Good Friends, Breath Work, Coaching, Therapy, Mindfulness training, Martial Arts, Yoga, Workshops. The all have on in common: They require YOU to be present and go for it, make it your path, step by step, every day again.

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