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It’s got to be fun! Manuela’s passion to inspire practices that lead to a peaceful mind and emotional balance resulted in prize-awarded Yaduma Coaching Program. On Samantha Heller’s Health and Nutrition Show on Sirius Doctor Radio, Dr. Alicia Stanton’s Aging without Limits, Webtalk Radio, USA, Mallorca Sunshine Radio, myriad radio interviews and TV appearances in Mallorca, featured in international press: Mallorca Magazin, El Mundo and El Pais, Columnist for US Womansradio and WellCore Network.

thewalkingguru.orgManuela  Stoerzer: “To be successful AND to feel good requires a practice of new healthy mental, emotional and physical habits, especially in times of stress and crisis“. Since 2001 Europe’s first “Walking Coach” specializes in changing mindset and habits with her unique Yaduma Coaching program. Together with Anthony, she combines coaching with relaxation techniques, training in nature and energy work in Germany, Austria, Spain and the USA. In 2000 burnout, divorce and life-threatening illness provoked a profound inner change of the former CEO of a Munich publishing company and mother of two kids: With her MBA degree, 10 year of business experience and her Physical Fitness Specialist degree from famous Cooper Clinic she returned to education: Mental Power Coaching, Understanding Psychosomatic Diseases, Corporate Coaching (System Perspective), NLP, Hypno-Therapy, Yoga for Beginners and Tai Chi. English, Deutsch, Español

thewalkingguru.orgAnthony Reid uses ChiKung and Aikido principles for Coaching to improve concentration, motivation and performance. Energetic Rebalancing combines Chi Kung practices and healing techniques to guide people to feel and direct their energy. He has a martial arts background: he has been practicing Meditation and Martial Arts such as Kung Fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Kendo, and Ninjutsu since age 7. Since 2001, after a 25 year professional dance and choreographer career, leading big groups, he has been teaching classes and workshops in Chi Kung and Aikido. Anthony and Manuela serve individuals and companies internationally in English and Spanish.

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  “Manuela, what can I say, thank you so much. After years of yoga and meditation practice of all kinds I have to say that our one session gave me more than nearly all put together. I came away with such a feeling of complete and total relaxation and “at-oneness” (if there is such word) it … More Amanda B., MJ Associates, Mallorca, Spain

Amanda B., MJ Associates, Mallorca, Spain

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