Manuela’s coaching questions had extreme transformative powers in my life, transforming all my 4 bodies: mental, emotional, physical and energetic. Thank you Manuela!

Dr. Rudolf Lenz, Dentist, Entrepreneur and Coach, Mallorca

Manuela walked and talked me into a completely new spot light. A light that enlightened all that was present and all ready complete in myself, I only had to see it. I loved our hours together, her lightness of being and clearness of mind. I can highly recommend spending some time with Manuela.

Drs Ien van Wiest, Cultural Entrepreneur, Artist

In the end, Manuela teaches you the one single most important thing, that self-empowerment comes from within. And most importantly how to access it and let it free! Rose Esma, Mallorca

I needed to stay present within myself, listen to myself, trust myself and the answers would come. Take time to self reflect and actually listen to what my gut was trying to tell me. After one session with Manuela, I remembered!  Elisabeth L., Palma de Mallorca

Amanda Butler mjcassociates

“Manuela, what can I say, thank you so much. After years of yoga and meditation practice of all kinds I have to say that our one session gave me more than nearly all put together. I came away with such a feeling of complete and total relaxation and “at-oneness” (if there is such word) it was just wonderful! I couldn´t recommend you more highly. I can´t wait till our next meeting.”

Amanda B., Business Owner, Mallorca, Spain.

A 30minute coaching session with Manuela was very effective. My expectations were surpassed by far. The very next day my sales performance increased by 250%. I became aware and let go of blockages every day. Chribeca S. Parodi, Mallorca, Spain.


I hired Manuela as a Coach to improve motivation, willpower and performance. I find her Coaching extremely helpful holistically, for body, mind and spirit. Manuela has a kind way of pushing you just beyond your comfort zone in order to aid in success, growth and healing. I can highly recommend the Walking Coaching program and would gladly work with Manuela on any project she put forth. 

Nick Tolotti, Beyond Entertainment, Reno NV

Despite positive business development and great successes, the last years as CEO were marked by enormous stress, pressure and a gradual dissatisfaction. In such a situation it is very important to preserve peace and to question the objectives for the future. My experience showed me that this is difficult without professional support. That is why I followed a recommendation to spend a week in Palma de Mallorca. The help of Manuela as Mental Power and Walking Coach in the great environment of the island helped to learn how real inner change is possible. I was totally exhausted when I arrived. Thanks to the support of the professional, I left with a lot of energy and clear goals for the future, which still has a lasting effect till today. The learning experience of combining Coaching outdoors, deep relaxation techniques and follow-up coaching by phone I strongly recommend to anyone in a similar life situation who wants a change. Anonymous

Walt Brubaker Linkedin

Manuela is my Coach. During a snowy winter in Lake Tahoe, CA she encouraged and trained me in the positive habit of walking for health and work-life balance. My cardiovascular system improved, my heart became stronger, and I gained a more positive attitude from her dynamic training. I recommend her services as a coach to anyone considering it. Coaching with Manuela is a constructive and life-affirming choice that you won’t regret to make for your health and future. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert. Walt Brubaker, Consultant, Stateline, NV

Your tools and suggestions really help someone help themselves.  You even motivate ME and that’s hard to do! LOL!  I am excellent at nutritional health and in “fair shape” but,… work is my excuse for not working out… “I have no time…” as I often say and yet, after reading your articles, you’ve managed to light a fire and enticed me to get back into walking and exercising etc..   Thank you for this, truly! Amy Wootton, Wellness Expert, Founder of WellCore Network, Sacramento, CA

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 20.36.28

Manuela Stoerzer has worked as a Mental Power Coach for my company Dynamic Detox for more than six years. I have always found her to be absolutely trustworthy, reliable, efficient, competent, and extremely responsible.  She has an excellent rapport with people of all ages and backgrounds…  an asset to any event or organization.  Raaul Cohen, Dynamic Detox Expert, London and Mallorca

Louisa Graves Hollywood Beauty Secrets

I have had the pleasure of walking with Manuela in Lake Tahoe. I have long been a strong believer in many of her methods – particularly how thoughts effect both physical and emotional health. As a beauty and age-proofing expert, walking silently in nature is one of my rejuvenation secrets. Walks helps unclutter my mind thoughts, keep my body conditioned and provide a perfect time to pray or meditate. The additional tips Manuela shared with me were most valuable, especially her Yaduma “elevator” core muscle exercise – EASIER and MORE EFFECTIVE than any other tummy toning exercises I have done. Luckily she visits clients in Los Angeles, where I reside, so I am looking forward to walking with her again soon. She’s empowering!   Louisa Maccan-Graves, Beauty & Age-Proofing Expert at HollywoodBeautySecrets.com Los Angeles,CA

I had walking sessions with Manuela in Munich. She is  a very positive, highly motivating person, her positive energy shines constantly, she is a very soft, yet strong coach. Her lessons had a great lasting impact on my body and soul.   Angela Winter, Chief Press Officer, Munich

Jesus de Frutos

“Motivación en el camino”  Quiero compartir mi experiencia con Manuela Stoerzer que me ha formado y motivado con su técnica personal (caminar y trabajar coaching) desde el primer momento del entrenamiento tomé conciencia de mi postura corporal , acepté sugerencias de cambiar mis hábitos alimenticios , cambié la forma de caminar y mover mi cuerpo. Gracias a esta técnica y tras varias sesiones juntos , con su coaching personalizado consigue que me sienta mas equilibrado a nivel emocional y he eliminado 5 kilos de sobrepeso en tan solo unas semanas. Si queréis vivir una experiencia saludable y de crecimiento personal podéis contactar en TheWalkingGuru. Siempre agradecido, sigo el aprendizaje con Manuela para seguir avanzando. Jesus de Frutos.com, Mentor coach audiovisual, Madrid, Spain

Zum Jahreswechsel 2016 hatte ich die Möglichkeit mich zwei Tage von Dir coachen zu lassen…diese zwei Tage haben mein Leben positiv auf den Kopf gestellt. Bis dahin hatte ich einen Haupt- und einen Nebenjob, der mich allerdings seit geraumer Zeit nicht mehr erfüllte. Es viel mir jedoch schwer mich davon zu lösen, denn ich dachte mehr über die Konsequenz für andere als für mich nach. Ich wollte gerne eine Veränderung, doch ich hatte Angst diesen Schritt zu gehen. Durch das “arbeiten” mit Dir wurde mir mehr und mehr klar was ICH wirklich möchte und das wie Du so schön gesagt hast, man für Veränderungen nie zu alt ist. Zu Hause angekommen habe ich erstmal alles sacken lassen und mir dann einen Plan mit zeitlichen Abläufen gesteckt. Es sind nun gut 3 Monate seit dem Coaching vergangen und ich konnte schon soviel was Du mir mit an die Hand gegeben hast umsetzen, ob beruflich oder Privat. Ich habe bereits meinen Trainerschein als Wirbelsäulengymnastik Trainer geschafft und beginne im April noch die Ausbildung zum Fitness und Gesundheitstrainer. Das schöne ist, das ich all das auch in meinen Hauptjob mit einfließen lassen kann, was mir vorher gar nicht so bewusst war. Meine Momentane Nebentätigkeit beende ich zum 31.3.16 und ich muss sagen meine Kunden bedauern zwar das ich aufhöre, allerdings bekam ich soviel positiven Zuspruch, das ich den einen oder anderen jetzt auf sportlicher Ebene wieder treffen darf. All das positive und die vielen Denkanstöße haben mich auch privat weiter gebracht. Sei es, das ich die Abläufe zu Hause noch besser koordiniere, d.h. eigentlich mehr Arbeit trotzdem mehr effektive Zeit mit der Familie. Ich kann nur jedem empfehlen der an einem Punkt angekommen ist wo er sich nicht vor und zurück bewegen kann sich Unterstützung von außen zu holen. Manuela, Du hast mir einen tollen Motivationsschub gegeben, mir einen tollen Weg aufgezeigt mit Selbstzweifel umzugehen, sie zu verabschieden und sich auf sein Bauchgefühl zu verlassen und es einfach anzugehen. Herzlichen Dank für Alles! M.G. Fitness and Health Specialist, Germany

Manuela was our Trainer for a week holiday in Majorca.  She motivated and led a large group of loud women, and ensured each lesson was fun and interactive.  She knows a vast amount about nutrition and a huge range of different types of exercise , from yoga to aerobics.  After my sessions with Manuela, I was inspired to do much more exercise when I return back home to London, and I know the other women in the class were also inspired to do the same.  Manuela was such a dedicated and thoughtful Coach, she even attached a self made video link on her website dedicated to helping me perform an exercise I was struggling with. I would recommend her to any company, family or person who is wanting to be motivated in a fun way to be stronger, fitter and healthier.   Olivia Abrahmsohn, Product Developer, London

Conocí a Manuela, precursora de The Walking Guru, un par de meses atrás, un día que me deje llevar por las energías y comencé a experimentar. Pensé, que feliz y sana es ella, y ¿Cómo puedo disfrutar de cada momento de la vida? Ella me explicó, que ayudaba a las personas a conseguir que su vida fuera como ellos querían. Me dio un par de consejos, y cada vez que me la cruzaba por “causalidad” o “casualidad”, ponía estos consejos en práctica y me llenaba de energía, me sentía mas fuerte y segura. Estaba reeducando mi mente. “Switch on my mind”. Decidí hacer una cita con ella y practicar la terapia The Walking Guru, que no es una terapia, dice ella. La llamo terapia por que de verdad es un ejercicio para sanar la mente. Ella me preguntó, ¿Qué es lo que quieres conseguir en esta sesión? Y yo le contesté, simplificar las cosas, que todo sea más fácil. Ella adivinó lo que anhelaba, conseguir mis metas simplificando. El resto de mi experiencia, a partir de ese día, por medio de unas herramientas, ella consiguió cambiar mi mente, nuestro mayor amigo y también puede ser nuestro peor aliado. Tan sólo una sesión me basto para que toda mi vida comenzase a mejorar, con perseverancia, y teniendo muy presente sus indicaciones. La sesión entre la naturaleza, hablar, mientras caminas, abre tu mente y tu corazón. Muchísimas gracias. Beatrix Crespo Garcia, Student, Palma de Mallorca

In einer persönlichen Krisensituation bin ich auf  Manuela gestossen. Manuela hat mir in wenigen Walking-Stunden klar gemacht, dass diese Krisensituation als Chance dient. Sie hat mir gezeigt, dass es wichtig ist, sich weder zu bemitleiden, noch zu streng mit sich zu sein, sondern sich liebevoll um sich selbst zu kümmern und das zu tun, was wirklich gut tut! Ich bin dankbar für ihre Arbeit und empfehle sehr, ihre Hilfe in Anspruch zu nehmen!
U.G, Teacher, Feldkirch, Austria

Manuela is a magnificent Coach with a totally original approach as well as being an all-round sound person and credit to humanity.

The Barefoot Doctor
aka Stephen Russel
London, 1954-2020

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