We provide a safe environment to nurture continuous development, communication and creativity of individuals and groups.
We help access untapped possibilities and expand beyond limitations.
We facilitate clarity, focus and direction in business and personal life.
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How do you choose the right Coach?

Background, work ethics, education, recommendations, personal achievements, authenticity, work experience are indispensable. Yet, most importantly you need to resonate well with the person you want to trust she or he will be able to support you on the journey. A free personal phone consultation is compulsory before working together.

Are we right for you?

  • Our experience is 15 years of coaching and training Executives   in Europe and USA
  • Integrity. We walk our talk. We love what we do
  • Stories tell more than theories: We share experiences
  • Our expertise is transforming problems into opportunities and goals into meaningful performance (system perspective)
  • We work with humor, creativity, metaphors, innovative teaching formats, patience, compassion, persistence and determination
  • Agreement. We need your accountability to ensure and your success

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A Certification Life Coach is just a Coaching Certification. Choose a professional you resonate with, who walks his talk.Wether you need a Life Coach, Career Coach, Leadership Coaching or Creativity Training, check the integrity of your future coach, trainer or mentor, talk with clients of this coach! Manuela come from Event Organization and directing a medical publishing house. As a Life Coach she has worked with hundreds of clients since 2001, which led to Executive Coaching. Anthony has a martial arts background and managed big groups. Awareness and conscious communication is their base for training motivation, leadership, creativity training, work-life balance and team-building . Starting with alignment of motivation of personal and higher objectives results in improved performance. And a feeling of energized focus, and enjoyment in the process of the activity to actually become life, enjoy, not just operate or exploit body and mind like machines.  This kind of communication work ultimately leads to thinking from ME to WE.

Coaching can be a real satisfying treat, not only for profession but for life in general, quality of relationships, health and happiness.

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Creativity is unlimited…

Manuela 2 min experimenting possibilities

Anthony singing Motown and sharing the fun