Mind your Heart

Recognised for unique, personalised programmes of Self-Discovery, Personal Development, and Stress Management for Private and Corporates clients.

For 20 years, Europe’s first “Walking Coach,”
Manuela Stoerzer, has been credibly facilitating Personal Growth and transforming unconscious habits into the ability to make conscious life choices with the award-winning Yaduma Coaching Programme. 

Personal and Corporate Coaching is available in English, German, Spanish, and French, in person, or electronically after an initial meeting.

Liberating . “Manuela’s questions are transforming all my four bodies, mental, emotional, physical and energetic.” Dr. Rudolf Lenz, Dentist, Coach, Entrepreneur

Express your true nature sharing your gift!

Credentials and Expertise

Living authentically and in alignment

Treat your Body

Certified Physical Fitness Specialist by Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research , Dallas TX

Certified Yoga for Beginners Instructor, Mountain Yoga, Lake Tahoe, CA, 20 years of Hatha Yoga Practice

Tai Chi, South Lake Tahoe College, CA

Align your Mind

Certified in Corporate Coaching, System Perspective, Juan Palomeras, IFOC Institute, Mallorca

Certified in Mental Power Training 176-Hour-Program, B. Freitag Coaching, Munich, Germany

NLP, Instituto Excel, Palma de Mallorca

Trust your Heart

Understanding Psychosomatic Diseases, 40h Clinic Dr. Scheib

ETB, Expand-The-Box Training, 
Possibility Management, Mallorca

Hypno-Therapy, 96h, Dr. Kahan, Munich and Mallorca

Divine Grace Healing Transmissions and Healing, Thea Ivie, Sedona, AZ

Clarity, Focus and Direction

Business Experience

Since 2000 Life Coach and Business Trainer specialized in unleashing your creative potential by creating new habits playfully.

10 years CEO of a Munich Dental Publishing House

Business Administration Degree from Munich University of Applied Sciences

Member of Possibility Team Mallorca

Change ATTITUDE playfully and set free from annoying limitations. LOVE conquers HABIT.


Author of Headless Chicken, A Personal Narrative about a Spiritual Journey, Three Months in the Amazon, Ayahuasca and Old Stories, Ozark Mountain Publishing (English)

LOGBOOK, Workbook for Self-Inquiry, Personal Development and Personal Growth (English, E-Book)

MONKEY MIND, Mental Hygiene for More Joy in everyday’s life, Greatlifebooks, (German)

LOGBUCH, Greatlifebooks, Workbook for Self-Inquiry, Personal Development and Personal Growth (German)

On Samantha Heller’s Health and Nutrition Show on Sirius Doctor Radio, Dr. Alicia Stanton’s “Aging without Limits”, Webtalk Radio USA, Mallorca Sunshine Radio, myriad other radio interviews and TV appearances in Mallorca, featured in international press: Mallorca Magazin, Mallorca Ambiente, El Mundo and El Pais, Columnist for US Womansradio and WellCore Network.

Accessing Transformative Powers

“Next week might be too late”, were the words of the Physician to announce Manuela’s diagnose: Stage IV advanced Cancer. After years of Stress, an exhausting Lifestyle, Divorce and being mother of two small children, dying was not an option. That was just the beginning!

Wake up inspired!

Check out Manuela´s Personal Story (3min):
Why a simple healthy ritual in nature can be life-changing!

Nature Heals

A healthy Lifestyle: Why are daily rituals so important?
Read what science says about Meditation!

Walking Meditation helps to connect with yourself, find inner peace and relaxation. Treat your body and mind! Scientific research suggests that exercise in nature helps maintain and improve physical fitness and balances stress hormones and mental capacities. Relaxation and Meditation have been proven to increase brain capacity and the ability to concentrate.

Head & Heart aligned; Mind, Body, Emotion, and Energy in one Direction