We believe it takes empathy and understanding to provide the safe environment that encourages a person to develop and grow. It takes courage to look at yourself, question, be honest and change. We believe that communication with ourselves and others is the key to align what we think, say and do. We truly enjoy helping you to discover your unrealized potentials and learn to let go of limitations. All it takes is finding clarity, focus and direction.  What clients say.                                                                              yaduma-circle

Find the right Coach

Most importantly it takes trust to be able to allow a professional support you on your journey. A free personal phone consultation is compulsory before working together. +34 661 682 888

Are we right for you?

  • Our experience is 15 years of coaching and training Executives in Europe and USA
  • Integrity. We walk our talk. We love what we do
  • Stories tell more than theories: We share experiences (scroll down for videos)
  • Our expertise and passion is transforming problems into opportunities and goals into meaningful performance (system perspective)
  • We work with creativity, metaphors, innovative teaching formats, humor, patience, compassion, persistence and determination
  • Agreement = accountability. We both need to say “yes” to ensure and your success

The best way to find out is giving us a call at +34 661 682 888 !


So many Coaches out there! Whom can you trust?

A Certification Life Coach is just a Coaching Certification and does´t say a thing about the person you will be dealing with. Personally, I prefer a professional who walks his talk and who is human. We don´t want to be treated like effectiveness cash cows, and trained “7 steps to function like a machine”, or so.  That approach seems effective at first, but long term an employee who is effective but not valued is gone with the next best offer.
Wether you need a Life Coach, Career Coach, Leadership Coaching or Creativity Training, check the integrity of your future coach, trainer or mentor, check TESTIMONIALS, talk with clients of this coach!

Manuela comes from Event Organization and directing a medical publishing house before becoming a coach and trainer. Anthony has a martial arts background and managed big groups before. Since 2001 they have been working with hundreds of clients and businesses internationally to facilitate change.

Here is Manuela´s personal story (3min)
Why a simple Walking routine can be life-changing

Besides our mission we also love to experiment something new, grow and have fun…

Anthony singing Motown and sharing the fun

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