Feeling good is motivating and energizes you to go further! Our expertise is to earn trust, lift spirits and improve the climate in a system. It comes with a code of ethics. We create a safe environment for open communication, clarity, appreciation and direction. We show you how to use the code for yourself to feel good and be energized. Our Coaching System combines Mental Coaching, Relaxation and Outdoor Training to modulate attitude, brain mechanisms and behaviour. Innovative ways, compassion and fun. We walk our talk. We coach you to master the inner game. Be your self, not your story!

Life Coaching and Business Training since 2001 internationally in English, Spanish and German.

Scientific research suggests that Walking exercise not only helps maintain and improve your physical fitness but also balances stress hormones and your mental capacities. Relaxation and Meditation have been proven to increase brain capacity and the ability to concentrate .

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Manuela´s personal story (3min)
Why a simple Walking routine can be life-changing

Besides their mission they love to experiment something new, expand and have fun…

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It’s got to be FUN: Anthony singing Motown!!!