You can change your world, your attitude, your very own vibration, your energy and the impact you have on others. Not only what you do, but how you do the things you do. How you respond to life. We teach you the tools.

Transformation starts with you. Learn to trust yourself, your feelings, and responsibly choose, what is really important.

How can you get a break from too much thinking in times of crisis?
How can you cope with stress differently?
How can you learn to deal with emotions of fear or anger?
How can you change your inner patterns?

Not only top-managers work a lot and sleep little. Many people break down or end up in hospital. Most common strategy: Keep going!  God-given traits want to be discovered and respected!

“The answers to all questions are within yourself. Love is the way!” 
Manuela Stoerzer, Walking Coach, +34 661 682 888

“When you learn to stay in your center you are in your power.” 
Anthony Reid, Expert for Energy Work, +34 661 682 888

Why us?
Since 2001 Mental Power Coaching in nature, Training and Mentoring in English, Spanish and German. Prize-awarded in 2006 for innovative teaching formats.
A safe environment to change habits, state of mind and how you feel
about yourself & others.
New: Improv for Self-Coaching. Discover new possibilities in a changing environment.

What we do: We train you to find relaxation, emotional balance and mental clarity to reconnect with your true essence and heal. 3 P’s: Practice, patience and perseverance are the keys to change.

What clients say: Testimonials


Nature heals. We use excursions in nature as a tool to connect with your inner self. Scientific research suggests that exercise in nature helps maintain and improve physical fitness and balances stress hormones and mental capacities. Relaxation and Meditation have been proven to increase brain capacity and the ability to concentrate.

According to science and ancient oriental teachings the human body is a field of energy (chi). If this energy cannot flow freely, it causes discomfort, health problems and an inability to respond to life challenges adequately. We teach you how to direct chi energy.


Manuela´s personal story (3min)
Why spend life in nature can be life-changing

Fun is energising. Besides their professional mission they also love to experiment something new, expand and have fun…

Manuela on Youtube

It’s got to be FUN: Anthony singing Motown!!!