We provide a safe environment to get clarity, focus and direction, let go of limiting beliefs and actions, set free your potentials.  What clients say.


A free personal phone consultation is compulsory before working together. +34 661 682 888

  • 15 years of Life Coaching and Business Training internationally
  • We walk our talk
  • We share experiences
  • Our expertise is revealing new possibilities
  • Creativity, innovative formats, humour, compassion, persistence


There is more than efficiency and effectiveness. See the whole picture. Integrity comes first. Wether you need a Life Coach, Career Coach, Leadership Coaching or Creativity Training:  check testimonials, talk with clients of your future coach!

Manuela was a managing Director for 10 years before becoming a coach. Anthony has a martial arts background and managed big groups before. Since 2001 they have been working with hundreds of private and business clients internationally to facilitate change.

Here is Manuela´s personal story (3min)
Why a simple Walking routine can be life-changing

Besides their mission they love to experiment something new, grow and have fun…

Anthony singing Motown and sharing the fun

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