The Walking Guru is you!

How you feel about yourself & others? What is your state of mind? Are your decisions healthy and effective?  Are you ready to commit to yourself?

thewalkingguru.orgSince 2001 accompanying people during times of change providing a safe environment to dare to face and feel what is, define a goal and train to change “the chip”. The unconventional Yaduma training format was prize-awarded in 2006 for the most innovative business of a women in Mallorca. In Corporate settings motivating talks and creative training formats inspire leaders and teams to experiment with the art of co-creating, internationally in English, German, Spanish.
“The answers to all questions are in you

How to get a break from thinking?      
How to motivate oneself and others?
How to cope with stress differently?                                                              Manuela Stoerzer    

How to change unfortunate habits?                                                                 +34 661 682 888
How to support oneself and others better?                                                     Testimonials



Nature heals. Walks in nature help as to remember how to connect with the inner self. Scientific research suggests that exercise in nature helps maintain and improve physical fitness and balances stress hormones and mental capacities. Relaxation and Meditation have been proven to increase brain capacity and the ability to concentrate.






Manuela´s personal story (3min): Why spending time in nature can be life-changing