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Manuela Stoerzer – transcendental Experiences for Life Changing Perspectives…

Manuela Stoerzer – transcendental Experiences for Life Changing Perspectives…
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Here is an interview by Gary from Everything Imaginable about my experiences with Ayahuasca during three months in the Amazon living with shamans. Thanks Gary!

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Anger Management

From Suffering to Awareness

Hello beautiful soul!

Ever felt like you are resisting life, holding back or just not daring to show up as you are? Social pressure and conscious fears over other bullshit seems to control the world. And at the same time only we can rule over our thoughts, feelings and habits. People ask me how they can control their feelings and I don’t believe it is a good idea. Instead of suffering from unpleasant feelings there is a possibility to change the way you perceive certain feelings by raising awareness and stopping to judge what do you feel.

What do you feel is what you feel. You can act upon what you feel consciously, instead of fighting uncomfortable feelings.

Is is desirable to change how you feel? I mean feelings have a purpose by nature….Well those who suffer from depression, anxiety and anger attacks will say yes. Who wants to suffer??? I believe it’s more about how you deal with a feeling, then trying to fight it. Discomfort motivates change. It takes some kind of motivation to make a person change from the illusion of safe box thinking/acting to the risk of being free, vulnerable and open to here and now without « standard reactions ».

Pain has a purpose: it forces you to feel physical sensations that you might have numbed in order to “function”… once burned the hand on the stove, you remember…

Let’s distinguish: there are feelings that are really related to the present, such as someone slaps you, you get angry. One purpose of getting angry is to set boundaries.

Then, on the other hand, there are also situations that trigger a huge inner reaction that may make you feel like a victim to your emotional reaction /situation. An inner film plays in your mind, assumptions, quick conclusions without evidence, drama… That’s like a pre-programmed automatism running. And that scenario can make us feel like a prisoner of an old program. You are probably experienced old emotional programs running in your system. This programs can influence quality of life and mess up hormones and health if unaddressed…

You can’t control hormones and mood by sheer willpower, but you can “create an environment” with compassion, healthy habits and kindness that can influence hormones and mood indirectly. The lifestyle factor.

One approach towards changing inner automized mechanisms is Walks in Nature in combination with “Coaching”. Just for today, let’s define coaching as “asking stupid questions. Stupid, because those questions are not aimed to be answered merely with the mind but are addressed to heart and soul…

Raising consciousness – realizing you are not your thoughts, you are not your feelings, you are not your body. You have thoughts, feelings and a body.

It takes time, conscious “work” and a whole lot of compassion to realise how thoughts and emotions pass without identifying with them. Imagine you were no longer afraid of certain inner reactions and situations and could be just fine facing these situations. You would free so much extra energy! Unconscious habits are deep down stored memories, like hard-wired in the brain, but they are not. It is absolutely possible to create new patterns, any age. Neuroplasticity does not stop with age.

There are many ways to expand awareness . With help of shamanic healing rituals, ceremonies and drugs or meditation rituals. Yoga is meant to be a system of increasing awareness and decreasing disease.

>>>> What really matters is how you live and apply what you have been seeing during ceremonies or trained during yoga practice in everyday life. Changing the environment, the job, the partner, or the continent doesn’t change a thing long-term and less some change happens inside.

There is no quick pill. It’s a more or less subtle lifestyle change, not just what you do, but how you do it.

Have your magic torch with you!

Manuela Stoerzer

That’s where what I call “the magic torch” comes in!

Start with looking from a distance at a situation. Imagine you had a torch that shines from above onto a situation very clearly. All you notice is what really happens, without any interpretation, assumption, conclusion, reaction.

That’s a start.

No need to judge – just observe

The key in this is not to judge: neither the situation nor inner mechanisms, thoughts, feelings, emotions… Just observe, notice, be curious! “Interesting…”

Slowly, slowly you will be able to observe your auto-pilot-reactions without judging them. Then, you are almost there….

Living a good life is a life-long process, not an static end point. Facing what you feel inside makes you real life much more vivid, makes you feel alive!

Imagine you can be more open hearted, playful, brave and curious, knowing deepdown that even fear, anger and sadness can be just as important as joy at times.

A pile of shit it’s actually a pile of gold and a pile of cold is actually a pile of shit.

Stephen Russel aka the Barefoot Doctor

Go on, play and enjoy xxx

Loads of Love


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You can free yourelf from outdated unconscious habits. You can change the way you think, feel and act!

The body mind soul connection

Washing the Laundry in the Coffee Machine

You can’t wash the laundry in the coffee machine

Manuela Stoerzer

“What the heck does that mean?” you think. Obviously, you can’t do the laundry in the coffee machine!!!

It’s simple: just as obviously as the above example, you can’t solve emotional matters by thinking alone, nor vice versa. These two “building sites” are each for something specific for a good reason. Thinking gives clarity, provided it is not emotionally charged, feeling gets energy going, unrestrained, provided it is not silenced by rationalizing. Imagine you can think clear and have loads of energy to use in a specific matter it you stop trying to wash the laundry in the coffee machine!

Obviously! you think? Believe it or not, there is hardly a customer in 22 years, myself included, who doesn’t forget that sometimes.

Wishing you a tremendously lively day xxx

Is JOY trainable?

Is JOY trainable?

Do you know those people who smile like slightly frozen, no matter what? Training yourself to keep those lips in a smiley position at any cost is a possibility. All feelings have a natural, healthy purpose, it would be dull and medium-term depressing to fake a smile like a puppet ALL the time.

In order to deal with challenging situations differently, you can create a new “personal infrastructure”. No, it’s not about trying to change the people around you, but your daily lifestyle habits and personal responseability to certain situations. Not just what you do, but the way you do the things you do. Experiment with playfulness! It is in the nature of healthy humans and scientifically proven as the key element for neuro-plasticity at any age.

Today we know, that even genetic predisposition/ your genes (!!!) can change (neuroplasticity). There are amazing studies from Standford University about lifestyle choices, exercise, breathing techniques, meditation, hormones, gut health, you name it, that prove the impact of lifestyle choices on health and perceived happiness. There is hope for people who have suffered all their life from traumatic experiences: PLAY!

Please check out this podcast by Andrew Huberman from Huberman Lab at Stanford University, CA:

KNOWLEDGE is available in the internet. But HOW do CHANGE partly unconscious HABITS? Turns out, it takes PLAY to rewire brain circuits and boost Neuroplasticity! And this works all life long, not just in childhood.

The approach to hire a Personal Trainer and a nutritionist and a yoga teacher, maybe a psychologist and train for minimum 30 days to create a new habit can be improved by play. Playing – meaning not putting too much stress into the idea to win or not win and to do something you don’t really know how to do it and you experiment anyway – is powerful! If you allow yourself to “officially play” and don’t take things to seriously during that play-experiment, the mind opens up and finds new possibilities. Makes sense: imagine you don’t play and all your knowledge is based on the past, what you know. Over and over again you repeat yesterday’s circuits – same thinking, feeling, reacting patterns. Play can break through and allow creativity. I am super happy that this is now official 🙂

There is no miracle pill that can make your burnout, restlessness or stress really go away. Yet, there are new systematic decisions that can change the way you deal with these symptoms. Make it a “playful experiment”! In coaching I work with playful experiments. That takes the stress out and allows the mind to allow many more maybe strange, yet pretty doable possibilities to deal differently with a situation. Exiting stuff!!!

(Find very useful information at hubermanlab or check out walkingguru for New-Habits-Coaching !)

Even those who suffer from chronic stress, psychosomatic illness or chronic diseases can improve their wellbeing tremendously with systemized techniques to cope with stress and pain differently. It’s applied knowhow, playfulness, a new approach to life/lifestyle. And the “playful approach” to experiment something new can be even fun.

Joy is a consequence of many small and big decisions – the way you think, how you deal with (all) of your feelings, the way you respond, the way you act.

I believe: Smart decisions are trainable!

Your first decision can be: Do you choose to stay in the victim position or are you curious and bold to experiment something new?


I am a great fan of the work of Hubermanlab and incorporate what I learn in my trainings. (See below). You can do that too. Just mere knowing how things work can already change something – e.g. your expectations – like a placebo. It’s mind-blowing!!

Interested in support?

Coordinating, systemizing and adapting strategies is part of a 12-week-Intensive-Coaching Program. A System of 4 Pillars that teaches Know-How, trains and monitors success. Fallbacks are most valuable during these 3 months! Yes, failure is allowed here. Failures teaches very quickly what makes you tick and move the way you do. Mental Coaching identifies true motivators and intentions. Awareness Training in Nature helps to gain Body Awareness and Emotional Awareness. A Clear Strategy including Individual Relaxation Strategies ensures, that you start owning your decision-making power.

 →  BEFORE INVESTING in another Seminar, Coach or Treatment, consider answering the following Coaching Questions:

→ What makes you hungry enough to want to change your own response-ability?

 → What makes you suffer enough to make a first responsible step towards change?

 → Can you visualize yourself to be stronger than “the stinker”?

 → Visualize the energy you invested in getting where you are right now. Some energy was used to get you here, some energy was used to keep you from moving out of your former/perceived “comfort zone”. What is it, that you are missing? What do you really want?

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RESTLESSNESS – an Invitation to Adjust Course?

Who doesn’t know this sense of restlessness. The mind never stops. Keeping busy seems to keep us in control. Ever felt a slight fear of losing yourself deep down if you stop running around, trying to stay in control? End up stuck in habitual routines, chasing goals, running around doing “important” stuff?

The 21st century invites to innovate AND remember. It takes regular mini-breaks, closing your eyes, going for a little walk in nature, taking a conscious deep breath to check in with oneself while dancing though this chaotic life experience. Nothing we have learned in our culture. Something worthwhile to explore and to create a curious attitude towards.


What does it mean to remember who you are?

It is most common that we start out life learning to be driven to reach some goals that aren’t really yours. Most people’s auto-pilot setting hasn’t been programed by themselves. That’s normal. Pain, discomfort or sometimes dis-ease or breakdowns have a purpose: They remind you that you are off course. A great opportunity to become curious and exited: Life has more to offer!


It is scary to dare to observe what appears when you let go, when you get out of your own way, when you drop everything and see what stays. Face the fear! Become curious! Get exited! Explore! Fear has a purpose too: it can make you creative in certain situations – if you allow to consciously face it. This is trainable and it can be quite interesting at the beginning and fun in the end!

If we don’t dare to face the fear, the animalistic fight, flight or freeze options set in. Nature works perfectly. We humans have those tools of consciousness. Not using them, is just another habit like watching TV series until late night. BTW reading books about the Power of Now is not the same as using the tools in the book.


It’s scary to face what you don’t know yet. It’s scary to look deeper without knowing what you will find. It can corrupt your belief system and shake your world. That’s why there are people like me to give you a hand while exploring what else is possible. What else is there that wants to be lived and shared. What believes are really yours and what believes haven been lived so far.


It’s so exiting that there are many things we cannot do by working hard on them, such as sleep, digest, relax. And yet those parts are just as important to make the yin-yang go around. You can’t push it, but you can create an environment that allows those things to happen. Nature works perfectly, when we learn to dare, trust, allow. Even sleep is trainable by creating the environment. It might take time but is doable. I recently worked with a business man over a few months who could not sleep well for years after a serious brain tumor operation. This work is rather indirect, applying know-how over a few months with moderation and consistency. It is replacing the reasons, why it is not possible to sleep with new experiences until this experience becomes a solid pattern. Exiting!


Creativity works though us. We are not the doer, we are the instrument. Creativity is more than projecting yesterday’s stories a bit bigger and better towards tomorrow.
Life is creative naturally if we allow it.


Wishing you brand new experiences every day xxx
+34 661682888

If you are interested in scientific proof of how humans “work”, it is worth to check out the work of Andrew Huberman at #Hubermanlab!

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Private Yoga Sessions on the Beach

Doable, simple, deep: Private Yoga, Tai Chi, Chikung or Walking Meditation sessions with elements of Alexander Technique and Self-Hypnosis on the beach.

When Yoga Group Sessions don’t do it for you – due to accidents, operations, age-related restricted flexibility, mobility or lack of strength or simply because you are looking for something else, this might be for you:

Sessions are designed individually according to your needs and possibilities. The goal of these sessions is to start introducing a healthy ritual into your life. The reasons why people practice Yoga are different. Some just want to feel fitter, look better. Others reach for a deeper connection and unity experiences. The reason why I teach is simple: facilitate individuals find their way to reconnect, raise awareness and practice what is good for them.

The word ‘Yoga‘ is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’, meaning ‘to join’ or ‘to unite’. According to Yogic scriptures the practice of Yoga leads to the union of individual consciousness with that of the Universal Consciousness and a perfect harmony between the mind and body, Man & Nature.

It is not about doing some fancy moves and postures. The path is made by walking in full awareness – presence, living up to what is truly important to you. There are many ways to Rome – as long as you keep Walking – e.g. Tai Chi, Chikung or Walking Meditation. I am happy to assist you exploring what suits you!
For more information please send me a Whatsapp or call +34661682888.

What can I do for you?

If you are looking to bring some more positive energy into your life and don’t quite know how, let’s talk!

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5 Excuses that keep you Stuck & How to Change anyway

Who sabotages what when you self-sabotage? What is it that keeps us from living up to our potentials and dreams? What is the big unconscious fear behind self-sabotage?

Human minds are set up to survive. The comfort zone is a seemingly safe place. Everything out to there can easily feel uncomfortable, painful or threatening. Yet, if you don’t dare to go beyond the habitual and the known, you may prevent growth and development or worst case get sick. Here are 5 out of endless excuses. See if you find yours:

5 Excuses to continue Self-Sabotage

Excuse No 1: I have always been like that

Excuse No 2: It is genetic

Excuse No 3: I lack motivation

Excuse No 4: I have no time

Excuse No 5: I can’t afford to

The Art of finding a Healthy Balance

Getting out of the comfort zone and not pushing too extremely is an art: it is the art of finding an adequate balance in the current moment. Almost every aspect of life requires balance: action and relaxation, movement and stillness, giving and receiving, black and white, ying and yang, cashflow, sales, buying, training, focus and widening the perspective. It’s a continuously changing game that requires awareness.

It takes awareness to notice your current status quo and the current need. To realize the fear behind all excuses. Fear of the unknown, fear of letting go of control. Fear of exiting the habitual and relying on life. The typical answer to the question: “How are you?” is “I am fine”, or “I am ok”, which doesn’t say a thing. To get to this place beyond habitual chatter, Monkey Mind chatter, interpretations and assumptions it takes a stillness, shifting from thinking to feeling to being.

Awareness of thoughts and feelings is a tricky enterprise because we tend to judge them into good and bad. As soon as we judge, we crave the good, reject the bad and easily get into resistance.

Personal attitude, conditioning, habits, beliefs – even whole brain areas can change in their anatomy and function for the purpose of optimizing ongoing processes depending on use. Not to talk of physical change, say changing the body.

Let’s take the Heart: it takes no 2 weeks walking and coaching 3 times a week for an hour in a certain way for the heart muscle to grow. Measuring heart rate you will notice that after week 2 a formerly untrained person needs much less heart beats per minute to perform the same terrain in the same time. Heartbeats per minutes decrease, that means the heart muscle has become stronger in only 2 weeks.

It is not important to realize what excuses you use in order to prevent change. Instead of being mad about yourself, realize that the human survival mechanism works and that you do have awareness to lead your system safely beyond the limits of old habits and the illusion of safety, being stuck.

Surrender to Love

What sounds like a love song is true: You can dare to replace sticking to knowing and trying to control the world with trust in tender loving care for yourself and life by applying what it takes – every day. There are hundreds of ways to Rome. All it takes is keep on Walking and making your Path versus Thinking about it.

What’s your excuse?

Here is a “new” approach: Switch from Knowing to surrendering to tender loving care while Walking in order to find that place of deep peace inside. If you need assistance, and learn how to clear your mind during walks and practice Walking Meditation, my job is to coach you along while walking. Then, you do your job, you do your walking. Day by day.

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Relaxation Training

Yoga is trendy. Yoga is possible any age, any time. The original purpose of yoga was not to look good. Yoga exercises had the purpose to train the body to be able to sit still over a longer period of time. You don’t need yoga in order to find what you’re looking for. However, yoga can be life-changing, if you find the right teacher.

Find your way

There are many ways and many similar approaches. Many contain a few elements: Consistency and moderation. In order to make a routine a special, nurturing ritual it also takes Awareness training, conscious exercise and healthy lifestyle habits. Finding a healthy balance that feels good is key.

Training to find inner peace

Only in stillness you can reach the place where you find all the answers within.

Conscious walking exercise is a very simple approach for anybody who can walk.

How do you “manage” to hold yourself back from doing what is really good for you?

Are you aware of your deepdown fears and the potential that is hiding there?

Are you willing to become vulnerable and dare to feel whatever you feel without sir pressing or sweet talking unpleasant feelings?

Are you hiding behind knowledge?

Are you living the life you want?

What ever it is you, there is a chance for growth! Attitude towards discomfort, errors and fears is changeable. It can be a pleasant experience to get rid of resistance and start moving old habits.

Do what you want?

It’s perfectly normal not to know what you want or be distracted by social pressure. Things change and needs change. It’s worth to take a break and listen inside to re-evaluate your values. It’s worth to leave the habitual grounds in order to experiment something new. Taking a break and learning to relax is a valuable gift to oneself in order to live happily and stay healthy.

How does your free time look like?

Do you tend to plan every minute in order to make the most out of it? Is there any real time off for you? What is it that you really need?

What do you really need?

Feel free to WhatsApp me at +34661682888 for Individual Private one-Week Retreats in Mallorca in order to find your way towards inner peace.

Contact for a free consultation!

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Why? or Joy is a decision!


What’s your WHY? Why do you do what you do?
Why do you want what you want? Why is something important to you?

Knowing your Why helps you connect with your true self by being aware of your values, not just arguments that makes sense. Alignment of head and heart feels goood ✅

Why not?

One answer is: ✅ Why not?

Even though you don’t know, curiosity replacing fear opens up for a whole new world. Yes, it can be risky and yes, it can be a new way of doing things you didn’t even dream of, that far away from your radar! Joy and fun is possible, desirable and doable. 💃

Joy is a decision

Curiosity beating fear, doubt, self-sabotage and fuels the system with energy to explore what else is possible. That’s great, so you don’t just repeat yesterday’s or other people’s stories!!! When this energy gets moving – say you are moved – you can feel your heart beat and joy comes up not just when reaching a goal, but on the path.

Isn’t it perfectly normal that a young person or an old one, who hasn’t been spending most days 8 hours or more in front of a computer screen before finds out, that it doesn’t feel that good to work as a high-paid, successful consultant? Isn’t it absolutely ok to not have a clue how it feels to speed-consult hundreds of people in your doctor’s office to be able to work lucratively and survive?

Sometimes the Why’s can’t be known ahead of time but are to be explored. It’s not only ok, but a lot of fun to experience different scenarios when you orchestrate your play… If only we could understand that #ERRORS # were in fact #learning-opportunities #.

I am still learning and I start liking it 🙂

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