5 Excuses that keep you Stuck & How to Change anyway

Who sabotages what when you self-sabotage? What is it that keeps us from living up to our potentials and dreams? What is the big unconscious fear behind self-sabotage?

Human minds are set up to survive. The comfort zone is a seemingly safe place. Everything out to there can easily feel uncomfortable, painful or threatening. Yet, if you don’t dare to go beyond the habitual and the known, you may prevent growth and development or worst case get sick. Here are 5 out of endless excuses. See if you find yours:

5 Excuses to continue Self-Sabotage

Excuse No 1: I have always been like that

Excuse No 2: It is genetic

Excuse No 3: I lack motivation

Excuse No 4: I have no time

Excuse No 5: I can’t afford to

The Art of finding a Healthy Balance

Getting out of the comfort zone and not pushing too extremely is an art: it is the art of finding an adequate balance in the current moment. Almost every aspect of life requires balance: action and relaxation, movement and stillness, giving and receiving, black and white, ying and yang, cashflow, sales, buying, training, focus and widening the perspective. It’s a continuously changing game that requires awareness.

It takes awareness to notice your current status quo and the current need. To realize the fear behind all excuses. Fear of the unknown, fear of letting go of control. Fear of exiting the habitual and relying on life. The typical answer to the question: “How are you?” is “I am fine”, or “I am ok”, which doesn’t say a thing. To get to this place beyond habitual chatter, Monkey Mind chatter, interpretations and assumptions it takes a stillness, shifting from thinking to feeling to being.

Awareness of thoughts and feelings is a tricky enterprise because we tend to judge them into good and bad. As soon as we judge, we crave the good, reject the bad and easily get into resistance.

Personal attitude, conditioning, habits, beliefs – even whole brain areas can change in their anatomy and function for the purpose of optimizing ongoing processes depending on use. Not to talk of physical change, say changing the body.

Let’s take the Heart: it takes no 2 weeks walking and coaching 3 times a week for an hour in a certain way for the heart muscle to grow. Measuring heart rate you will notice that after week 2 a formerly untrained person needs much less heart beats per minute to perform the same terrain in the same time. Heartbeats per minutes decrease, that means the heart muscle has become stronger in only 2 weeks.

It is not important to realize what excuses you use in order to prevent change. Instead of being mad about yourself, realize that the human survival mechanism works and that you do have awareness to lead your system safely beyond the limits of old habits and the illusion of safety, being stuck.

Surrender to Love

What sounds like a love song is true: You can dare to replace sticking to knowing and trying to control the world with trust in tender loving care for yourself and life by applying what it takes – every day. There are hundreds of ways to Rome. All it takes is keep on Walking and making your Path versus Thinking about it.

What’s your excuse?

Here is a “new” approach: Switch from Knowing to surrendering to tender loving care while Walking in order to find that place of deep peace inside. If you need assistance, and learn how to clear your mind during walks and practice Walking Meditation, my job is to coach you along while walking. Then, you do your job, you do your walking. Day by day.

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Relaxation Training

Yoga is trendy. Yoga is possible any age, any time. The original purpose of yoga was not to look good. Yoga exercises had the purpose to train the body to be able to sit still over a longer period of time. You don’t need yoga in order to find what you’re looking for. However, yoga can be life-changing, if you find the right teacher.

Find your way

There are many ways and many similar approaches. Many contain a few elements: Consistency and moderation. In order to make a routine a special, nurturing ritual it also takes Awareness training, conscious exercise and healthy lifestyle habits. Finding a healthy balance that feels good is key.

Training to find inner peace

Only in stillness you can reach the place where you find all the answers within.

Conscious walking exercise is a very simple approach for anybody who can walk.

How do you “manage” to hold yourself back from doing what is really good for you?

Are you aware of your deepdown fears and the potential that is hiding there?

Are you willing to become vulnerable and dare to feel whatever you feel without sir pressing or sweet talking unpleasant feelings?

Are you hiding behind knowledge?

Are you living the life you want?

What ever it is you, there is a chance for growth! Attitude towards discomfort, errors and fears is changeable. It can be a pleasant experience to get rid of resistance and start moving old habits.

Do what you want?

It’s perfectly normal not to know what you want or be distracted by social pressure. Things change and needs change. It’s worth to take a break and listen inside to re-evaluate your values. It’s worth to leave the habitual grounds in order to experiment something new. Taking a break and learning to relax is a valuable gift to oneself in order to live happily and stay healthy.

How does your free time look like?

Do you tend to plan every minute in order to make the most out of it? Is there any real time off for you? What is it that you really need?

What do you really need?

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Why? or Joy is a decision!


What’s your WHY? Why do you do what you do?
Why do you want what you want? Why is something important to you?

Knowing your Why helps you connect with your true self by being aware of your values, not just arguments that makes sense. Alignment of head and heart feels goood ✅

Why not?

One answer is: ✅ Why not?

Even though you don’t know, curiosity replacing fear opens up for a whole new world. Yes, it can be risky and yes, it can be a new way of doing things you didn’t even dream of, that far away from your radar! Joy and fun is possible, desirable and doable. 💃

Joy is a decision

Curiosity beating fear, doubt, self-sabotage and fuels the system with energy to explore what else is possible. That’s great, so you don’t just repeat yesterday’s or other people’s stories!!! When this energy gets moving – say you are moved – you can feel your heart beat and joy comes up not just when reaching a goal, but on the path.

Isn’t it perfectly normal that a young person or an old one, who hasn’t been spending most days 8 hours or more in front of a computer screen before finds out, that it doesn’t feel that good to work as a high-paid, successful consultant? Isn’t it absolutely ok to not have a clue how it feels to speed-consult hundreds of people in your doctor’s office to be able to work lucratively and survive?

Sometimes the Why’s can’t be known ahead of time but are to be explored. It’s not only ok, but a lot of fun to experience different scenarios when you orchestrate your play… If only we could understand that #ERRORS # were in fact #learning-opportunities #.

I am still learning and I start liking it 🙂

One more question: Does this resonates with you? Then, please SHARE to inspire other’s to go explore their hidden Why’s !!!










A Safe Environment

An environment where you can be at ease, be yourself and dare to tell the truth is nurturing good health and the creative process. We just lose too much time and precious life energy in keeping up with resistance against what is, illusions, manipulations or protections, cling to the past or escape in our mind to a future that is not here now…

One way to get to such a space is find it within yourself . Imagine enjoying being right here, right now, being yourself. People around you feel your vibe, your honesty, your love and true intentions.

The safe space and love we crave most is within ourselves

Beyond monkey mind chatter, emotional rollercoaster and beyond habitual distractions is where we find that energizing space.

Feeling peaceful within yourself is not a necessarily a given fact for many reasons. Making the path to get there can be exiting and energizing. My job is to accompany you to your way, break through habitual thinking, feeling and acting patterns and replace them with nurturing loving ones.

The Ying Yang Phenomenon

Did you ever ask yourself why our Western Culture suffers from so many diseases which many Estern Cultures don’t? Yes, here, most of us have more than enough to eat. Eastern Cultures are more tuned into spiritual aspects of life: Energy. Tao, Yoga, Chikung teaches how to feel, move and use energy. Here, we are trained to use the Yang-type energy: actively proceed your goal. There, they know about the quality and balance of both, action and relaxation, Yang and Ying. Being whole within.

Leaving the Habit of Being Yourself

Leaving the habit of being yourself is a thought-provoking book by Joe Dispenza. It refers to letting go of the image that to cling to. The image of who you think you are. Stop identifying with your conditioning, past and programs and start being yourself with all consequences.

Letting go of Unconscious Habits

Sometimes it takes leaving your habitual surroundings for some time to be able to change some deep down thinking, feeling and acting patterns that you are not really aware of. Learn to switch from the victim perspective to the “torch awareness” – a higher or wider perspective of things that enables you to allow new ways to thinking, feeling and acting.

Sometimes it takes facing your fears. Knowing that you won’t die from feeling the fear and allowing to listen. Hear the message behind the fear. It’s the most common thing, that we do anything in order to prevent feeling what we really feel, if it is uncomfortable… And exactly that fear of feeling what you feel is what keeps you stuck….

What we desire most, we find within: Love, peace and creativity. This is the basis for being able to express and share our essential gifts.

How do you get to a state of peace if you feel locked-up in difficult circumstances?

Dare to share with others

How do you get to a state of peace, if you feel locked-up in difficult circumstances? Please feel free to share your COMMENTS and pass it on to others who are still looking!

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Creating an Inspiring Environment

We know that money buys only so much. You can’t buy trust and a safe environment with monetary benefits only. Nor superficial smiles and small-talk will do on the long term. People feel!

Some years back I worked with a European steel company. It was interesting to see how people worked as they worked habitually without realizing their daily loss of energy. Quite a few employees of the department suffered from stress-related and psychosomatic health problems and had gotten used to them, just like we get used to a bad smell with time. Nobody really cared.

Incredible, how old believes could maintain over the decades. People were convinced, they were more valuable for the company for knowing the system for years and years instead of daring to consider improving the system. The atmosphere in this company was seemingly friendly but not nice, not to say hostile. There was no trust, no hope, no confidence to talk the truth. It was somehow feeling cold. It is not enough to renovate the kitchen area and install a gym at work to create a safe space for change. It takes the leaders on board to create an inspiring environment for safe human interaction, openness and trust.

How can you create an environment that invites people to bring out their best, to invest their energy not just to get a paid in exchange but to deliberately serve the system with their gifts? Manipulation by inducing fear or money works only limited. Creativity can quickly be compromised by pressure and competition. What’s the golden path?

Systems versus Goals

It is belief systems, communication systems and appreciation systems that keep the treasures hidden. Systems change by changing individual parts and/or their inter-connections. People can change, communication flows can change, work style can change, attitudes can change, even values can change. With the willingness to innovate, new doors open. How do you open people for change? One way is facing the fears.

We finally realized that the cutting-costs-strategy is too limited and that people are our greatest asset.

People versus Figures

Today, learning to balance the tension-relaxation-system and the thinking-feeling-doing game may be just as important as having a consultancy change your numbers.

A Safe Environment and Quality Relationships

Financial benefit tend to be a very temporary motivator. More money doesn’t help to get up in the morning and really look forward to go to work, if there is nothing to look forward to.

Creating a healthy environment of trust takes time and honest intention. It can’t be faked. The importance of a nurturing environment in the workplace has been widely ignored. It’s not just about the color of the wallpaper and the brand of coffee in the cafeteria. It’s a culture of open communication that we miss so much, yet we’re so used to the empty phrases we exchange to maintain a certain image. In our business culture, we can have it all and are slowly finding out that the most exclusive gadgets and the best champagne only make us feel good until we are no longer distracted, sober and lucid. The good news is that energy sapping habits are easy to identify and can be changed naturally.

Phone-Consulting to kick-off Positive Cultural Change?

Is it enough to invest in Coaching over the Phone in order to change systems and cultures? I don’t think so. You can’t expect a person change their way of thinking, feeling and acting by receiving personalized information. It takes an experience to make a real change, a combination of thinking and feeling. That’s why I insist on initially working outdoors in nature to do my job as a facilitator.

Did you ever dare to investigate and look at your environment closer?
Is there room for improvement?
Are you aware what you would really like, what is really important to you at work?
Are you looking forward to go to work in the morning? What bugs you most at work?
Is your company culture safe enough to share your ideas for improvement?

What are your first ideas?

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Learn how to Improvise!

Being able to improvise and spontaneously respond to a situation can be vital. In fact, if can be essential for survival!

My intention of joining Spanish improv classes was to learn a skill I can use for my professional life as a coach, model and actress: Forget about the theories, pre-planned ideas and concepts that you have in mind in order to be really present NOW and don’t just repeat yesterday’s stories that you have in petto. I also intended to face my fears: stage, public speaking, speaking in a foreign language in public without knowing what it will all be about….

Training to use your brain a different way

It has been a lot of fun to play games, laugh, fool around during warmups before class. It was also a huge challenge. We learned all kinds of “stupid” games that are not so stupid after all: they trained you to use our brain in a different way.

Improv has been reported to be a useful skill to learn for professionals who are mainly brainworkers, such as lawyers, managers, people sitting in front of a computer all day or figuring out how to sell more. Improv classes are a longterm investment in order to access your creative potential, expand your habitual thinking, overcome ideas and concepts of how we think things should be, to see how else they can be and we couldn’t even imagine that other scenario der to human box-thinking.

Improv also opens our ideas about ourselves, who we are, how we show up in the world and how we feel about ourselves and others. It is a bonding exercise, we are all different and all in the same boat. We accept each one for their uniqueness, don’t need to like or dislike traits. It’s all about playing together. THE ONLY way.

Improv improves listening skills. It is essential to understand what is going on. Even those who have a hard time to concentrate over a longer period of time what others say are naturally staying tuned, because otherwise they are lost. It’s like playing in an action movie without a script, or a metaphor for daily life: we train to be in this very moment, free from old concepts to allow the process to evolve.

A good improviser is quick on their feet, noting every detail that comes their way. They also have the whole group’s performance in mind and not just their own. You might think that quick thinking just means someone’s mind works at a fast pace, but it doesn’t. Improv trains your attention without you having to try hard: it is a playful approach. Uncomfortable at first, but soon, the team opens up and realizes the potential of this type of training: it is not about looking good. You can’t go wrong. There are a few basics, rules of the games and that’s it. It is not dangerous. It is just a game. A great way to learn new skills.

5 Benefits from Improv Training

Improv trains flexibility. Studies have shown that improvisation shuts down the part of the brain involved in self-censoring. Improv trains to not second-guess yourself and contribute ideas that might help to fix whatever “problem” you’re experiencing.

Trust and support Team-members

You don’t need to like other team-members. In improv you learn how to accept them as they are without judging and work with their contribution in a constructive way.
How liberating! Magical potential right there!

Listening Skills are trained at improv classes like nowhere else! Since no-one knows what will be the outcome of the whole thing, everybody is naturally super-present and attentive. You need to know what is going on right now, in order to respond. Listening skills help to be empathetic, direct projects in the right direction, allocate resources, detect possible burnout and handle problems before they happen.

Effective communication for better problem solving is a skill that you will train at improv. You learn to communicate your needs and ideas right there in the moment. The others can’t read your mind. You need to communicate in order for the show to go on. And you are part of it. Every contribution counts.

Non-judgement and respect to each and every member of the team is another bonus of improv training. Non-judgemental behaviour is a way of accepting people with whom we disagree. Get over prejudice and appreciate the uniqueness of someone you might have called an idiot before. Every member puts their unique spices in the soup and that’s what makes it deliciously successful. It is the contrast, conflicts, co-creating and managing the ups and downs of the journey together that makes improv a success. It’s not about one person looking good. It’s about everybody contributing and helping the groups to create the best they can together. Think WE. Just like in real life.

Imaging a start-up that uses improv tools. Or a rusty department in desperate need of innovation: if every team member had the guts and the safe environment to show up fearlessly and even what used to be called a failure is a contribution to figure out how we can improve together!

Improv training for employees is an energizing activity. Ideally, provided as an incentive, not an obligation for those who are interested in personal growth. Improv training is a chance to grow beyond personal limitations as a group. Humans are set up to be afraid of change. Improv helps us change our limiting setup constructively and playfully. Together.


Interested? Get in touch!

Don’t change your Self!

Sounds obvious, yet many don’t seem to get it:

“YOU CAN’T SEPARATE THE HEAD FROM THE BODY”. I heard myself say during walks in nature with Coaching clients. Sounds ridiculous. Of cause you can cut of the head from the body. But people don’t seem to be aware of physical laws, that exist beyond biology: Every quality of thought has a quality of physical response in the body. Physics. Energy, waves and frequencies.

YOU CAN’T SEPARATE THE WORLD YOU SEE FROM THE LENSES YOU LOOK THROUGH, or PROGRAMS we run automatically, according to genes, past social conditioning and experiences. Normal.

I wrote 3 books now, out of the urge to share what I had learned. In one of them I share my own story and how I (kind of logically) managed to create a false, limiting image of myself, according to the information available at the time. The idea was, that readers can check out their own stories, realize that their idea of themselves, others and the world is also based on many assumptions, probably lies (often used hoping to protect others) and misconceptions.

Obviously, it is not that easy to see your own blind spots. “Why am I acting the way I am, what is wrong with me”, I hear people say.

“How can I make sure to see my blindspots?

Life throws situations towards us and we react in a certain way or we consciously respond. The thinking mind tries to control the situation to keep us safe – that’s the idea. But we stay trapped in unconscious behavior (thinking, feeling and reactive habits), unfree and kind of reproduce our own problems. To switch from reacting unconsciously to responding consciously is work. It takes consciously FEELING what you feel and being ok with it. It most probably takes feeling uncomfortable, an indicator that you are leaving your so-called “comfort zone ” (which kept you trapped) and being ok with this state of discomfort. Like a growth pain, it hurts to grow beyond a limitation, like a sore muscle, probably worse.

Unfortunately, writing books doesn’t mean that I know and know how to apply it all at all! The more I know the more I realize how little I know. And that helps to accept that things don’t go the way you want, no matter how “hard” you try or how “good” you are. Each major “set back” turns out to be a major “set free”. Forgiveness is part of the lesson. Forgiving doesn’t mean to be ok with what was not ok. It means to let it go.

What about you? Does that ring a bell?

DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE YOURSELF! Your nature is unique. You are the way you are for a reason. And even if you think it was an accident, haha, there is no doubt that you are unique. What is not so unique is the fact that you too, probably copied what you saw and do or (insist not to do under no circumstances) what you were told as a small child, just like everyone else. This is how we carry on old memories and habits from generation to generation collectively, no matter in which culture you grow up. Plus, we are convinced that we “function” solely on the basis of genes just like our ancestors. An excuse to change habits?

We CAN change the way we think, feel and act when this is no longer helpful, if we DECIDE to do so, if we WANT to do so. We just need a good enough reason to motivate for the effort to go through the pain of letting go what we thought would keep us safe. Motivation such as some kind of suffering, major curiosity what else is possible or a probing unmet need to express your Self in the world.

Don’t follow me! ***
Follow your SELF your inner voice, that which you can only listen to, when the mind is silent
without thinking
without distraction
without obnubilating or clouding with substances

Silence is required to hear or feel intuition – what is really going on, without assumptions – the energy of the truth.

My job is to inspire you to transcend the IDEA of identifying with those programs that run your system. How can you transcend that which is mostly unconscious?

CHANGE HABITS! Start with the “small stuff”, clear out useless habits that keep you from freeing yourself…. You know what I mean…. NO, it may not be easy but it is simple. Life sends “invitations” in form of crisis, pains or suffering. Learning opportunities. Openings for new possibilities. Changes to let go of the old program and dare to look deeper, beyond that which you know. Possibly scary stuff. Who wants to accept discomfort and “ugly” feelings? Well, e.g. those who are tired of the mouse wheel syndrome. Those who are more curious than afraid. Those who are willing to bring in the work it takes to create a new way of doing what you do. Those who are willing to face their (addictive?) patterns and what they are really looking for.

The POWER OF EACH AND EVERYBODY is that we can reflect on ourselves and CHANGE OUR OWN THOUGHTWARE, feelings and actions. It takes awareness to do so.

No need to become a yogini, or start a new religion. The awareness muscle needs some form of ritual though… Awareness is not the same as thinking. Practices such as Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Walking Meditation are helpful. There are many ways. Everybody makes their own way.

You can choose the ripples you create

We are not machines. We are sentient beings.
We can change the world by purifying our own lenses, our own thoughts, feelings and actions, the way we respond to the world, the quality of ripples we create. No longer denying parts of ourselves. No longer hiding in addictive behavior hoping we cane space the feelings that keep us trapped. No longer copying what is not ours, hoping this would give us what we want most….


More curious than afraid?
Feel free to follow my blogposts and share with a friend.
Make up your own mind!



Thanks!!! For staying tuned in. For sharing your gifts! For sharing!

Clarity. Focus. Direction

The Walking Guru

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What makes YOU get out of bed in the morning?

What makes you get out of bed in the morning is one of those dangerous coaching questions. It is easy to forget what is really important.

Heck, looking and feeling closer, you may find some discrepancies that you didn’t allow yourself to notice before. Are you getting out of bed for the right reasons? What are the right reasons, really?

Survival comes first, definitely. Work, money, stability, security, paying the bills….

Love and belonging is important. How we relate to ourselves and others. Hm, I make a the relationship to yourself a point. Why? Because it doesn’t go without saying. It wants to be appreciated as well. How can you expect respect, love and understanding if you don’t respect, love and comprehend yourself?

Live at your Best – bring the best version of yourself to the world. But what is that? Finding out ours strengths and weaknesses and working hard on them? Finding out our passion and trying to make it fit into the Maslow’s hierachy of needs???

We need a safe base.
Expanding the base without growing upwards can lead to a financially rich, poor existence.

There are endless possibilities to survive, thrive, be content and love life more than you fear it.
Function in the world.
Feel good about yourself.

Coaches tend to ask: what do you really want? I like to ask: What do your really need?

What makes YOU get out of bed in the morning?

Thanks!!! For staying tuned in. For sharing your gifts! For sharing!

Clarity. Focus. Direction

The Walking Guru

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How do YOU stay fit and healthy during challenging times?


Some seemed to relax more, others freak out. There are many reasons why we could freak out. Some take life as it comes, others resist, others fight.

What is your model?

What’s your strategy?

How do you cope?

What are you doing differently than before COVID-19?

Please SHARE!

How to Let Go, Enjoy and Still be in Charge?

There are many reasons to be concerned and alert about the future of your business, especially now. It’s important to be responsible, enthusiastic about growing your business and it’s necessary to focus and concentrate on reaching your business goals. During 10 years as a Managing Director of a Munich Publishing House and in 20 years as a Executive Coach, I still face this challenge: work in a focused way and then take a break from thinking, planning, organizing. Mastering your mind is more than planning the hours of the day or balancing work and private life.

Beyond Thinking

Thinking intelligently is necessary to thrive, not only in business. We are trained to use our ability to think and act in a disciplined, goal-oriented manner in order to achieve success. That’s great, as long as we don’t obsessively think all the time. When life seems to happens mostly in the thinking mind, and focus is mostly on knowing better without actually improving some of those habits that no longer serve, health, relationships, success and quality of life can be threatened.

What else?

How are you? Really?

Welcome to a new Day, a new change to make better decisions and act upon them! How do you feel? Are you at ease in your body, healthy, balanced, content? Or is your mindset: “I can’t be bothered with such questions”? What about real quality of life? Can you enjoy your success and the way you do the things you do?

You have no clue how many people can’t really enjoy their success and on top of it feel somewhat guilty for not being able to do so! It is not enough to know how to reach a goal in order to enjoy life fully, ask some athletes, pop stars or millionaires!

Strategic Thinking

The difference between strategic thinking and obsessive thinking is in you being in charge of your mental activity versus Monkey Mind taking over your life. I have been there. The habitual program is still existent in the back of my mind, yet I learned how to switch to another channel. Sometimes I fall back into the old trap, yet I recover quickly and am aware. Every 10 years or so, I tend to face a major challenge and am threatened to get stuck in the old way of thinking and just can’t let go. Then it is time to remember… Then I need to focus to apply those tools that I teach others for myself, in a very conscious, disciplined and regular manner. In a kind way, like it was the first time.

Knowing doesn’t make you Necessarily Smart

Knowing how to solve an issue may be smart, but doesn’t mean you are necessarily smart enough to never fall into the trap again. Knowing means that you have the tools and the choice to apply them. You still need to actively change the way you do the things you do. If an unconscious program takes over, you give away your choice without even realizing.

To inspire for that move from “living in the head” towards being yourself became my passion, my job and mission. Being yourself sounds so big, important and special. From my perspective this whole idea around authenticity is totally overrated. For me it just means to switch identifying with what you think of yourself to what you are: the one who can observe the whole game from a higher perspective, the one who can choose how to use his or her mind and body, the one who can make new choices and evolve every moment.

Using the Mind versus Living in the Head

Being yourself requires a certain level of consciousness, responsibility and presence, so you no longer believe in being victimized by others, circumstances and drama. You created the program that you run, you can change it, you use it, you toss it, whatever you choose, be aware that you are not the program.

A bitter-sweet Indicator to Change Mindset

When running behind wishes and dreams doesn’t give you lasting satisfaction it’s a bitter-sweet indicator to change mindset and habits. This lack of contentment is a helpful wake-up call to stop running and start being silent, just be and listen to whatever is there within you. This is when Coaching can help you. It’s about mastering your mind, applying new tools, choosing a new way of doing the things you do.

Having a Hard Time to Really be at Ease

Being present, here now (instead of being trapped in constantly thinking about something in the past or future without choosing to do so) is an ability that can be trained. For so many people including myself at times it can seem almost impossible to be in silence. There is some kind of a nagging feeling inside the body, that doesn’t allow us to rest in silence. We just don’t want to feel it. The quick-fix solution to not feel those nagging feelings is doing something. Get involved in work, do something that makes you think you are doing something important, have a coffee, something sweet, a sun-downer, a cigarette or pot to relax. Like most quick-fix solutions, they don’t have lasting effect even though you still think of yourself of being efficiently working towards your goal. But the bill does not add up longterm…

Heck, I don’t feel anything!

Allowing yourself to feel what you feel is part of the deal if you choose to be present. It can be scary though. Many of us can’t identify a feeling anymore. We were trained to talk us out of feeling angry, sad or afraid. Normal.

You can’t wash the Laundry in the Coffee Machine

But rationalizing feelings away by thinking doesn’t really work. You can’t wash the laundry in the coffee machine. Nature developed this human system in a very sophisticated way. Hormones have a purpose. It is no accident that adrenaline rises when in danger. Feelings have a reason and a purpose. It would be smart to read them and respond intelligently instead of trying to “wash the laundry in the coffee machine”, neglect the feeling, the adrenaline and the purpose of it and jump to thinking right away.

It takes feeling what you are feeling, accepting it and letting it go in order to act intelligently. Trying to skip the first part, feeling what is, leads to the mouse-wheel effect. You disable yourself from making better choices.

No Emotionality in the Business World Please!

Emotional reactivity is a no go not only in the business world. We need to learn to apply our intelligence, notice a feeling, contemplate consciously and respond calmly, yet assertively.

To switch from emotional reactivity to reading feelings when they occur and act upon them intelligently is a learnable skill. http://thewalkingguru.org

True Leaders Master their Minds and Emotions

You too can learn to make use of this ability to consciously switch from reacting to choosing to respond in an intelligent way. Sometimes we need support, a safe environment to explore what else is possible. Ignoring or neglecting what is doesn’t do the job.

Feeling what you are feeling and accepting it and letting it go


Changing mindset can be an exciting experience, once we become curious about what else is possible.


Note: Coaching is an active approach to create a vision of the future, a strategy and steps to live according to this vision. Coaching does not replace psychological treatment. People who suffer from depression and disease need medical treatment and therapy. The difference between coaching and therapy is that therapy focuses on the past and childhood in order to heal. Coaching focuses on today and tomorrow, creating a positive vision of your future and strategy to live towards that vision, possibly looking back occasionally to better understand.


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Creating an Inspiring Environment to Build Community

Unleashing team potentials beyond the average, beyond the known and beyond the habitual requires soft skills. But is it possible to “train” respect, trust and communication skills? Or are some people just not open for change when it comes to soft skills? Is setting soft skills free something you can push or work hard on? The opposite may be the case.

New Approaches to Open up for New Skills

Use curiosity instead of installing fear, to inspire to explore beyond the presumingly safe space of the known, the box, the habitual, the way we always did the things we do. Imagine, if your organization would promote the idea of exploring new possibilities continuously. How would you feel? Would it scare you to possibly never lean back again and relax in the old routine? Does it excite you to never feel stuck, bored or frustrated at work again, since you are part of a growing and continuously developing environment? Or do you find yourself somewhere in the middle? How do you assess your colleagues? Do you think they see the opportunity and are open and willing to engage in new approaches?

Imagine your organization and the members of it: can you imagine what influence such an awareness of attitude, emotional intelligence and know-how might have on the future of your work-life? Can you imagine what impact members of your organization have not only on the future development but also on a daily life level, if they felt inspired and “safe” to show up as who they are? Are you aware of the impact of lack of awareness of those soft factors, both on the individual and on the company?

You Form the Culture you Live in

I work for companies whose leaders are willing to be engaged personally in the change process, by looking at themselves and their attitude, habits, strategies first. I believe you cannot delegate Cultural Development by hiring a coach to make the employees “function”. Look at yourself, understand and know yourself, before acting, if you want to inspire others to bring out their best.

A Safe Environment requires Trust

Creating an inspiring environment takes building trust first. Positive or “non-violant” communication skills, constructive feedback, applied emotional intelligence and openness are delicate topics to be treated with sensitivity lead to building trust. You can trust someone who walks their talk, someone who shows up as who they are. Someone real.

Huge potential of extra energy can be released and applied constructively in a positive way, when we address those unconscious, unattended issues of lack of trust.

That’s where thinking stops and flow starts…

We are all Leaders

I believe a good leader has a profound self-knowledge, engages in continuous development and applies know-how, intelligence and compassion.

Leadership that inspires fear won’t get the most out of potential talent. There is space for growth between survival and thriving. Leadership that inspires curiosity inspires creativity and even a sense of community. It is not just about writing those numbers but being seen and appreciated as a unique human with a unique approach to things.

What else is possible?

What else is possible? How can we make things better? How do we dare to go beyond imagination and allow new ideas to come up? I believe you don’t inspire that safe space by pressure. It takes a culture of understanding, trust and positive, open communication and a space for playful exploration to allow brand-new ideas fall into our awareness.

For a leader it takes openness, willingness and courage to experiment and de-velop him-or herself continuously first.

Know Thyself

Showing up as who you are and being a role model for others is more potent than taking smart decisions and delegating from the background. I guess it is for all the same: by being who and how we are, we can bring our unique authentic self to the play.

There are unlimited tools available in order to teach how to create a safe environment for trust, open communication and creativity. The first step is in becoming aware of how open your and your colleagues mindset is and playfully examining the pros and cons of the current mindset.

How to create a Safe Environment

It is about inspiring the adventurer’s spirit that dares to explore the potential of the unknown. But how do you create a safe environment to instill this spirit?

There are many ways leading to Rome: Interesting, inspiring and challenging games, experiments, volunteering opportunities, creative experiments, team-building incentives or individual or team coaching work as incentive are some.

Change starts as a mental phenomenon.

Letting go of ideas and image, daring to share your true self!

Improv workshop at Trampa Teatre

(Photos: Improvisation training at Trampa Teatre in Mallorca)

This is the real secret of life, to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.

Alan Watts

Imagine if every member of your organization could use their mind the way they choose instead of being slave of a compulsive or pre-programmed thinking. When we experience moments of mental stillness, creativity can flow freely, a very pleasurable experience. To help people switch from feeling pushed or forced, into feeling pulled or inspired is a delicate skill. Yet, this training opens minds for the unknown and creates a safe environment, where trust and community can develop.

Coming up next:

How to Build Community

Shared resources, joint interests, joint needs, joint goals

More about “co-creating”

10 Simple Things You Can Do During Crisis – Part 9

Help Others

Helping others in times of crisis is powerful. Whatever your talent or resource is, if you can share it with others, not only for personal benefit and not only during crisis, you can appreciate more who you are and what you do. Serving others without getting a personal benefit from it makes you feel rich. If you don’t have much income right now, there are simple ways to serve others and enhance their wellbeing:

Inspire others to join you on a 30-Day-New-Habit Challenge, e.g. going for daily walks, Cook a meal for them.
Invite them to eat more consciously with you (go to last post)
Offer a massage.
Offer to spend time together. Take time to listen without agenda.
Open up yourself, show your vulnerability, share you thoughts and feelings and invite them to do so too.
Offer kind words and kind actions for people in need.

How to Help Others in the Professional Environment

We used to think, we don’t have time for “happiness at work” or relating in a kind way with colleagues during work. The latest lockdown situation has shown how important human interaction is, also at work.

Small Things you can do

Ask for your co-workers’ current situation, both, what’s new, positive and what challenges.
Ask what they wish to change, what could be changed, and what ideas they have.
Listen from the heart without prejudice and judgement. People feel wether you really mean what you say or if you have a hidden agenda.
Dare to ask for help as well and give them the opportunity to apply their talents and resources. Share your problems, thoughts and feelings, needs and wishes concerning work during breaks.
Ask them to join you introducing more healthy lunch breaks and get committed.
Notice when others are stressed and offer help or at least a kind word.
Be practical: suggest innovative ways to better work processes or brief meetings to discuss possibilities. Be proactive. Inspire.
Dare to share your view, learn to give constructive feedback and coaching.
Make work connections more human behave honest and kind yourself.
Include human interaction as a value in your personal work ethics.

Contributing to other people’s well-being without getting anything in exchange makes you feel rich and healthy. I believe everybody has the resource and ability to improve their own and other’s experience of life. It is a question of making it a point, wanting and deciding to do so.

And even though you don’t expect anything, you do get something in return: a deep sense of connectedness and purpose.

Thanks for staying tuned in and sharing your gifts with the world!


Clarity. Focus. Direction

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