Out of Balance? These are the glorious moments that invite us to realign ourselves. Joy is easy – step by step

What I can do for you

Clarity Coaching

Reducing living to functioning can lead to suffering, confusion and numbness. Find out where your are right now, what you need, possibilities to get it

Walking & Coaching in Nature

You learn conscious walking outdoors. I accompany you in person or via phone. A holistic approach to self-empowerment with elements of feedback and coaching, mentoring, Alexander Technique, relaxation exercises and more.

Go to the Mountains 

Exclusive transformative 2 full Day Hike in the Tramontana Mountains to deepen your spiritual connection and sense of purpose. You will explore a ways to more consciously choose thinking, feeling and healthy choices. Followed by weekly follow-up mentoring calls.

The Intensive (Prize-Awarded)

1 week exclusively for you to retreat and rediscover yourself. Explore new boundaries, new priorities, update the way you do the things you do and enjoy new possibilities. 3 weeks follow-up phone consultation.

How to Relax (drug free)

Good at working hard and having a hard time to relax?
Explore which way suits you best to relax, recover and energize! Highly peaceful and enjoyable.

English, Deutsch, Español, Français.

Not sure what you need? Contact for a free 15minute consulation!

“Despite positive business development and great successes, the last years as CEO were marked by enormous stress, pressure and a gradual dissatisfaction. In such a situation it is very important to preserve peace and to question the objectives for the future. My experience showed me that this is difficult without professional support. That is why I followed a recommendation to spend a week in Palma de Mallorca. The help of Manuela as Mental Power and Walking Coach in the great environment of the island helped to learn how real inner change is possible. I was totally exhausted when I arrived. Thanks to the support of the professional, I left with a lot of energy and clear goals for the future, which still has a lasting effect till today. The learning experience of combining Coaching outdoors, deep relaxation techniques and follow-up coaching by phone I strongly recommend to anyone in a similar life situation who wants a change.” Quido N. Austria

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