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Our mission is to inspire continuous development with respect, compassion and a good pinch of fun.
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Awards & Media

Manuela was presented with The Most Innovative Woman in Business Award by the City Council of Calvia for her Yaduma Coaching Program. On Samantha Heller’s Health and Nutrition Show on Sirius Doctor Radio, Dr. Alicia Stanton’s Aging without Limits, Webtalk Radio, USA, Mallorca Sunshine Radio, myriad Radio interviews and TV appearances in Mallorca, featured in International press: Mallorca Magazin, El Mundo and El Pais and Columnist for US Womansradio and WellCore Network.


Professional Training & Experience    Manuela  Stoerzer     Anthony Reid

With her MBA degree, 10 year as CEO of a Munich publishing house and her Physical Fitness Specialist degree from famous Cooper Clinic for Aerobics Research, Dallas, the mother of two kids returned to education in 2001: Mental Power Coaching, Corporate Coaching (System Perspective), NLP, Hypnosis, Understanding Psychosomatic Diseases and Relaxation with Yoga for Beginners and Tai Chi. Yaduma Coaching  is her prize-awarded training program for peace of mind, a healthy body and meaning of life.

Anthony has a martial arts background: he has been practicing Meditation and Martial Arts such as Kung Fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Kendo, and Ninjutsu since age 7. Since 2001, after a 25 year professional dance and choreographer career, leading big groups, he has been teaching classes and workshops in Chi Kung and Aikido. He uses ChiKung and Aikido principles for Coaching to improve concentration, motivation and performance.  His Energetic Rebalancing combines Chi Kung practices and healing techniques to guide people to feel and direct their energy.


Team-work, passion and fun: Manuela helps break through limiting mindsets to connect with creative energy. Anthony continues the momentum, teaching how to direct energy flow, stay focussed and balanced. Continuous self-innovation, positive communication and meaningful relationships.