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Clarity Coaching

60 minute phone coaching to gain clarity about status quo, needs (e.g. build trust, quality relationships, honest communication) and a possible strategy. For Private and Corporate clients. Prerequisite for consulting processes.

Prize-Awarded Walking & Coaching

From knowing to experiencing: You will walk, talk, listen, feel fearlessly and enjoy a safe environment to explore what else is possible. 60 minute Private Holistic Coaching sessions outdoors in person or over the phone.

The Intensive (Prize-Awarded)

One month of exclusive mentoring support, introduced by a one-week intensive programme in Mallorca for selected clients. Transformation can be simple and fun when you feel empowered, safe and committed.

Deep Relaxation to Open up for New

Experience new states of Relaxation with Individualized Yoga, Personalized Hypnotic Trance Meditation or Yoga Nidra. Indicated for better sleep, concentration, focus, confidence (e.g. speaking a foreign language)

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There is so much more than you can think of

Experience how being ok with what you FEEL FREEs the energy that got stuck in thinking and escaping

Manuela Stoerzer

“In the end, Manuela teaches you the one single most important thing, that self-empowerment comes from within. And most importantly how to access it and let it free!”

Rose Esma, Health Coach and Nutritionist, Mallorca

Let’s walk together

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