Self-Empowerment Services

Embodied Coaching: Fearlessly Explore Your Potential

Clarity Coaching

Feeling confused or numb? Discover where you are now, identify your needs, and explore possibilities to achieve them. Gain clarity and find your direction.

Prize-Awarded Walking & Coaching

Prize-Awarded Walking & Coaching: Move from knowing to experiencing. Fearlessly walk, talk, and feel while enjoying a safe environment that encourages exploration of your inner potential. Benefit from 60-minute private holistic coaching sessions conducted outdoors in person or over the phone. These sessions incorporate personalized elements such as breathing techniques, exercises, relaxation, and awareness experiments. Through my unique questioning approach, you will answer not from your thinking mind, but from a state of presence and connection with yourself. Experience the joy of progress, one step at a time.

How to Relax (drug-free)

Struggling to relax? Discover personalized ways to relax, recover, and energize. Enjoy a peaceful and rejuvenating experience.

Go to the Mountains

Deepen your spiritual connection and sense of purpose with an exclusive transformative full-day hike in the Tramontana Mountains. Explore conscious choices, thoughts, and healthy options. Benefit from follow-up mentoring calls.

The Intensive (Prize-Awarded)

Take a retreat to rediscover yourself. Explore your needs, values, boundaries, and priorities. Update your approach and uncover new possibilities. Includes a 1-week program and 3 weeks of follow-up phone consultations.

Creativity Training

Tap into the flow of creativity within you. Become a vessel for inspiration and expression, fostering sharing and inspiration. Custom workshops available for businesses and groups upon request. No prior experience necessary.

Contact Manuela at +34 661 682 888.

Fluent in English, Deutsch, Español, Français.

“There are glorious moments. Sometimes we fall, get sick, or make mistakes and exactly that opens us up for new possibilities towards joy, step by step.

Manuela Stoerzer

“In the end, Manuela teaches you the one single most important thing, that self-empowerment comes from within. And most importantly how to access it and let it free!”

Rose Esma, Health Coach and Nutritionist, Mallorca

Step by Step

A prize-award experience-based coaching process in nature to playfully detect outdated mental, emotional and physical habits and gain clarity, emotional balance and energy. We talk on the phone, in person or in-house. Explore new ways to enjoy the process of life.


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Coach and Trainer for Individuals and Teams for 22 years, specialized in updating thinking, feeling and acting habits with an award-winning holistic coaching method.

Possibility Team Member, Mallorca
Coach for a Mallorca NLP School
Language Trainer Alpha Training
Model, Actress, Improv Artist
10 years CEO of a Munich Publishing House
International Seminar Organizer


Monkey Mind English on request

Headless Chicken
Personal Narrative

Hypnotic Writing Workbook


Mental Power

Certified in Corporate Coaching, System Perspective, Juan Palomeras, IFOC Institute, Mallorca

Certified in Mental Power Training176-Hour-Program, B. Freitag Coaching, Munich, Germany

MBA, Munich University for Applied Sciences


Certified Physical Fitness Specialist by Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research, Dallas TX

Certified Yoga for Beginners Instructor, Mountain Yoga, Lake Tahoe, CA, 20 years of Hatha Yoga Practice

Tai Chi, South Lake Tahoe College, CA

& Beyond

Hypno-Therapy, 96h, Dr. Kahan, Munich and Mallorca

Understanding Psychosomatic Diseases, 40h Clinic Dr. Scheib

ETB, Expand-The-Box Training,
Possibility Management, Mallorca

Divine Grace Healing Transmission, 72h, Thea Ivie, Sedona, AZ. Energy works, if you believe or not.

Improvisation, 3 years Improv Training and Performances in a foreign language at Trampa Teatre, Mallorca


Call +34 661 682 888

Joy is easy, step by step

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