Moodswings, Burnout, Depression: A Spiritual Crisis?

If you are highly sensitive or learned how to put up you numbness bar, neglecting feelings or bursting out hurting others not only hurts them but yourself and easily results in depression or addictive behaviour. a form od Self-Sabotage. Where can you find hope, relief and a path, other than drugs or selfishly manipulating the world around you?

The WAY we do the things we do!!!

  Ease & Grace The way is made by walking. What does that mean? This is what it means for me: Integrity: learn to live up to your believes Intentions are important and living up to them The way you are (vibrate) is how you influence your environment What you give out, is what you [...]

3 week Ayahuasca Experiment

Ayahuasca Experience After 3 weeks and 10 Ayahuasca ceremonies I have an understanding what this is about and why it is healing. DMT is the stuff that is being released in the brain during dreaming, death and childbirth. The Ayahuasca brew contains DMT, which brings you in different a state of consciousness other than your [...]

The virtual enemy is in the mind

Change starts in the mind - finish with the "yes-buts" now!

Replace limiting habits with joyful experiences

What gives you Joy? Getting rid of old limiting habits and dis-ease gives space for new experiences. Replace old for new!

What keeps you from doing what is good for YOU?

Did you ever wonder why sometimes it seems so difficult to change nonconstructive habits into healthy habits? What makes you drink too much coffee or alcohol, eat more than your body can use, sit more after sitting all day? Why do want healthy habits first of all? To enjoy? To look good? To be more [...]