How your personal Code of Ethics relates to Health and Wellbeing

Dogs don't lie. Dogs feel when you are lying, pretending, manipulating. They empathise your fear, your anger, your joy. That's real for them. You can't lie to them. They respond to your energy. Every thought you think has an energy to it which translates into an emotional vibration. That's what the dog feels, no matter [...]

Taking Care of Christmas Business?

Wow! Another year is almost over. What is your conclusion of the year? Busy taking care of business, working over-hours and getting a real good pay-off to buy  Christmas gifts for people you love?   Here is our Christmas gift for you: Let's have some fun!   Wishing you lots of special moments with [...]

Finding Yourself

When clients come for life coaching  sometimes the question comes up:  "How can you be yourself?" Sounds odd, how can you not be yourself? one might think. This is how: trapped in thinking patterns, as if unable to be here now, but constantly pondering about the past or potential scenarios in the future. Or running [...]

How to be more creative

Find out how to become more creative with Walking Exercise

Understanding Stress for Dummies

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7 Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

7 Rules to apply to change towards a healthy lifestyle!

Simple Steps to Weight Loss

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What makes YOU smile? or How to restructure genes!

Smiling is a easy way to restructure your brain. You are what you think and you what you think you are is flexible....

The virtual enemy is in the mind

Change starts in the mind - finish with the "yes-buts" now!