How to make your mind your best friend

You know that feeling: Situations are changing all the time and the mind is sticking to the problems on the way. It seems hard or almost impossible to just "shut off". Plus: what we judge as negative emotions make life even more uncomfortable. Unless we somehow manage to push those "ugly feelings" aside. Remedies for that  "dis-ease" range from alcohol, soft [...]

The only time to live

Yes, but... You know that one? Time to change and get out of that comfort zone, that is not really comfortable after all...

Easy Meditation techniques to relief stress, nervousness or anxiety

While Meditation for some seems to be a waste of time, read here why meditation can keep you fit, healthy and strong.


From Stress to relaxation with easy techniques you can practice anytime, anywhere

Guided Meditation

Having a hard time to slow down your mind? Try these tools that make meditation easy!

Simple Steps to Weight Loss

How weight loss becomes easy

How to reach overall Wellbeing?

Enrich life with new habits, discover capacities and possibilities

A thought is a command

Your thought is your command! How to learn choosing what you request.

We can’t solve everything by thinking!

"We can't change just by thinking. In fact, the endless flow of thoughts accompanied with related emotions keep us from positive change - imagining the unimaginable." Manuela Stoerzer Vogt

Discover your inner motivation with WALKING MEDITATION

     This is a RADIO interview informing how WALKING MEDITATION can help you introduce new healthy habits, change the chip and become fit, relaxed and energized.   Enjoy your day, everyday! Open up for new ways to deal with your current situation, switch to a positive mindset, create [...]

Walking Meditation for Stress Release

If you go to your Doctor for stress related problems, she or he will likely tell you that perhaps the best treatment for stress is Meditation.... In our culture we are not educated to practice meditation. For many people it results difficult to sit down and be quiet. The mind is always busy. Walking Meditation [...]

How to trust in the Good?

Faith is trusting in the good. Fear is putting your trust in the bad. Rhonda Byrne We sure prefer to trust in the good rather in the bad. However, if you have experienced a lot of bad in the past you easily expect more bad things to happen. When you are stuck in problems you [...]