We can’t solve everything by thinking!

“We can’t change just by thinking. In fact, the endless flow of thoughts accompanied with related emotions keep us from positive change – imagining the unimaginable.” Manuela Stoerzer Vogt emailmanuela@gmail.com

From Dreaming to Action

Dreaming and visualizing is essential to create the picture of where or who you want to be. Focus on the physical body you want to have rather on the problem zone – where ever this is. Anticipate the feel when you exercise and the wellbeing after exercise rather than on reasons why you might notContinue reading “From Dreaming to Action”

Introduce a healthy habit

Change is natural. Yet changing habits seems to be so difficult. If we can change our thinking, we can change the rest…. The key is to get going without allowing the mind to stop you. Take a decision. Make an appointment. Be reliable. You will feel great !!!