How to exercise more

Stop focusing on what keeps you from doing what you want and get into your power

Spiritual Quest: How to Find Yourself and let go of Ego

Spiritual Quest - about "being spiritual" and "finding oneself"

I love Change!

The only constant in life is change. How to shift from being the victim of a situation to creating a new possibility

Instant Change with Attitude of Gratitude

It makes you immune to anger, disappointment and frustration: try this little exercise for instant change and enjoy the free audio by Omharmonics!

Feel Good NOW!

New solutions for a better Quality of Life

YOU and your impact on the UNIVERSE

How your wellbeing effects the world

Introduce a healthy habit

Change is natural. Yet changing habits seems to be so difficult. If we can change our thinking, we can change the rest.... The key is to get going without allowing the mind to stop you. Take a decision. Make an appointment. Be reliable. You will feel great !!!


  Black, white, colors Ups, downs, movement Life - play of changes   "People believe what they see, make them see" H.TH.

Have a good day!

I mean: You have the choice, choose to set you mind to have a good day - feel the good-day-feeling right now, and concntrate to stay tuned in! Practise, practise, practise!!! 🙂  When you run into a negative feeling throughout the day, just observe it, accept it and concentrate to go back to your initial [...]

Learning by doing

From fantasy to creativity and development a large step is missing: Action - the courage to make the things differently. To commit an error means to expose yourself to possible new problems, setback and to be rejected. Thus we prefer not to change and not improve easily. However, errors and problems offer the actual learning [...]

Happy Easter!

A few days off, what a treat… Take the opportunity to contemplate and reconnect with yourself: What is really important for you? What is your goal in life? Why are you here? Big questions and some need a long time to become clear. And everybody has to find out by himself. Just one thing: You [...]