Spiritual Quest: How to Find Yourself and let go of Ego

Spiritual Quest
How to Find Yourself and let go of Ego


First of all, we don’t need to find ourselves, we already are. The tricky part is, we think, we are what we think. We identify with concepts, thought processes and ideas that have been installed on us. Expectations from others, that we make our own, just like a commercial on TV that we start believing we really want or need.


So, distinguish between yourself as an expression of your essence and, the labels that other’s gave to you; your deepest values versus that image you have of yourself; your truth versus the role you are playing.


Did you ever ask yourself why it seems to be so difficult to be in total silence without doing anything? What is that discomfort that you feel? It is the ego always chattering in the background, always talking, wanting to stay in control and direct every aspect of life.


For some people, like myself, it took a life-threatening disease to look beyond the thinking process and find out that thinking is just a tool to use, not the truth as such. Most thinking is based on past experiences anyway. We don’t realize in that moment, that we limit our range of possible solutions to whatever we know from the past.


Realizing that, is half the way to Rome. No longer taking the mental chatter so real as if it was the truth, enables us to look beyond box-thinking. Thinking is just a tool. We can use thinking as a tool, yet, when we have no control over thinking we are victims of the ego, hoping that the thinking process would somehow protect us. As we all experienced, the moment we expect bad things to happens, there is almost no chance for something good to occur. It is about changing the habit of having negative thoughts that produce negative emotions and negative expectations.


Notice when you are trying to distract yourself from being in silence. Uncomfortable about nothing to have to do? Those are signs that the ego wants to control and direct life, instead of giving you free pathway to peace and positive change. What force is it, you think, that keeps you doing things, you don’t really want to do? (Such as, eating, drinking, smoking, sleeping too much etc..)


When a body gets sick it is simply a signal of imbalance: i.e. low immune system due to stress, a conflict of what you think you have to do and what is really good for you. An imbalance in your system, organs, glands, metabolism etc does not allow your system does not function correctly. It is more or less a scream from the body to the mind saying: “you have to change something here!”


This can be your chance to free yourself from being victim of the past, victim of habits, or victim of ego and the start to living a life you really want.


Don’t be afraid of asking yourself those questions:

Am I really happy the way I choose to live every day?
Am I living somebody else’s dream or expectation?
Am I a piece of somebody else’s puzzle?
If I was a curious child, what else would I like to explore?
What is my biggest, deep down fear? What can it teach me?

What is a dream I don’t even dare to dream?


If you can answer these questions honestly, then, you can change and live your own truth.

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