The other side of the coin – “DENIAL”

Living in a world of duality every freaking thing has another side to it. More of one doesn't necessarily increase the pleasure. Let's take addiction: you need more of the same drug to make the hype higher, wether we are talking about "regular" legal or illegal drugs, or alcohol, surfing the net, excessive work or sports, whatever [...]

Have a good day!

I mean: You have the choice, choose to set you mind to have a good day - feel the good-day-feeling right now, and concntrate to stay tuned in! Practise, practise, practise!!! 🙂  When you run into a negative feeling throughout the day, just observe it, accept it and concentrate to go back to your initial [...]


Suffering from backache? At some point we lost the natural desire to move when we felt like, so now we just sit and keep on working until our backpain reminds us. Here some remedies: 1. Move more - use your body, go for a walk in the break, walk to the store, get up every [...]