Motivation to Exercise

How do you motivate yourself to find the time and energy to exercise? If you are one of that kind who.... is convinced not to enjoy exercise has no time to spend for exercise was never sportive has a big resistance to get started..... or similar, How about exercising for the sake of feeling good [...]

Change – The Law of Attraction

  Why is change so difficult? Our thinking patterns are effected by genetics, education, conditioning.... We may experience "automized" thinking and feeling reactions that seem out of our control. We attract what we are used to. We expect situations, things, emotions to happen the way we have experienced before. To "change your mind" means to [...]

Have a good day!

I mean: You have the choice, choose to set you mind to have a good day - feel the good-day-feeling right now, and concntrate to stay tuned in! Practise, practise, practise!!! 🙂  When you run into a negative feeling throughout the day, just observe it, accept it and concentrate to go back to your initial [...]

Feeling low?

You may have all reason to feel low. However, it does not help you. See how it effects you when you help others by giving something away. A Euro to a man who lives in the street, a smile coming from the heart to someone who does not receive much affection in his life – [...]