Understanding Stress for Dummies

Why do you gain weight if you are under stress? Explained by TheWalkingGuru.org

WALKING as Stress Coping Strategy and for Psychosomatic Problems

The head is directly connected to the body – meaning: your thinking influences your body reactions. That is why learning new stress coping strategies during Walking sessions helps you in different ways, whether you suffer from psychosomatic problems, lack of motivation or risk factors due to stress such as HBP, cholesterol, weight or sleep problems:Continue reading “WALKING as Stress Coping Strategy and for Psychosomatic Problems”

Motivation to Exercise

How do you motivate yourself to find the time and energy to exercise? If you are one of that kind who…. is convinced not to enjoy exercise has no time to spend for exercise was never sportive has a big resistance to get started….. or similar, How about exercising for the sake of feeling goodContinue reading “Motivation to Exercise”