The only time to live

Yes, but... You know that one? Time to change and get out of that comfort zone, that is not really comfortable after all...

Why laughing is good for you

Easy start into a new lifestyle: laugh!

Yes, walk, no need to run!!!

Is Power Walking really better than Running? Why

Easy Meditation techniques to relief stress, nervousness or anxiety

While Meditation for some seems to be a waste of time, read here why meditation can keep you fit, healthy and strong.


People who don't enjoy life risk to become unenjoyable.

WALKING as Stress Coping Strategy and for Psychosomatic Problems

The head is directly connected to the body - meaning: your thinking influences your body reactions. That is why learning new stress coping strategies during Walking sessions helps you in different ways, whether you suffer from psychosomatic problems, lack of motivation or risk factors due to stress such as HBP, cholesterol, weight or sleep problems: [...]

Power Walking

Power Walking is the ultimate remedy to burn fat, cope with stress, clear you mind and feel good. The secret is: as soon as you enjoy what you do, you benefit from it. "Power" Walking sounds irritating: you do not need to use a lot of Power, in fact, many people need to slow down [...]