Easy Meditation techniques to relief stress, nervousness or anxiety

Stress seems to be the no 1 “problem” in the Western world. “Problem” in parenthesis because neither stress nor a problem is good or bad in itself, it depends on our perception, evaluation, expectation, mental and emotional programming how we deal with stress and problems.

If long-term stress is not addressed appropriately, however, the mind gets worn out and the body weak. Stress-related symptoms range from HBP,  psychosomatic disorders such as destructive lifestyle, eating disorder, drug abuse, depression, burnout or even to cancer.

Whether emotional stress or stress from external influences, instead of fighting stress I believe in learning how to get into the flow and learning to give up resistance. Giving problems only a certain value rather than having them take over life sounds good, but also difficult at the same time. Since we are pre-programmed from childhood and socializing, we run so many programs unconsciously on auto-pilot, often times without being able to consciously choose to act in a different way. Meditation helps to become aware, present and finally owner of your power of decision.

For those who can’t sit down quietly and meditate, Walking Meditation is an easy and fun way to learn to become present, concentrate and let go.

actively release tension
actively release tension

Have an intention for your walk and  imagine to lay down your problems on the sideway temporarily, knowing, you can pick them up when you get back.

What do you want to focus on?
your posture – dropping the shoulders, lining up the body swinging legs and arms like swinging pendulums
your breath -the moment when the bodyweight shifts from one foot to the other
your perceptions – the colors you see, the smells you smell, the wind breeze on your  skin

Stick to this concentration and realize, when your mind wanders away to something else in order to gently bring your focus back…

What for? From many years of cooperating with psychologists my favorite insight is: fear cannot exist during total relaxation. Learning to let go of mental or physical tension temporarily means enabling yourself to change your frequency. Imagine you could change your frequency in each and every moment you wanted to!  You could not only master you mind but also intelligently deal with your emotions, consciously act and react anytime, free from undesired old programs. No matter what you face, you already know, that it is temporary and that you have a choice how to deal with it.

Here is a great pool of guided meditations for those who like to listen to  Meditation Recordings.


Enjoy, have fun, let go and do it again xxx

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