How to take care of your Energy


True North or 7 Steps to Heaven on Earth

5 days in bed with the flu gives a whole lot of extra time for introspection and meditation. Realize that I am more into connecting and revealing, than into setting goals with the rational mind, and spending my lifetime chasing them. It´s like letting the Soul be the driving force and Love the fuel that makes [...]

The Westerner Syndrome

How to find harmony and contentment in demanding circumstances

How Blue is your World?

  The picture we see in the world is a mirror of the thoughts in our minds. How blue is your world? Are you aware of your present state of mind and how this influences the way you see the world? Do you see the big picture, or are you trapped in judging a current situation [...]

Exercise to FEEL GOOD !!!

Less talking more action! Feeling good is a natural consequence of daily lifestyle choices.

Overcome blockages

Without your story, your are perfectly fine. "Yes, but....", the ego says. "I can't just let go..." With the "knot" in the system we then become like victims of our automized emotional response and behavior. Feeling stuck, alcohol, drugs, emotional roller coasters, hanging out with suckers, or abusers, becoming abusers, overeating, not eating, sleeplessness, bruxism, depression, [...]

Suffering from poor habits?

How to motivate for better lifestyle choices: training awareness and responsibility

Lose weight with Fun

Weight loss or burnout can be an opportunity to learn how to change habits, become aware of unconscious habits and start owning and using your real power!

Easy Meditation techniques to relief stress, nervousness or anxiety

While Meditation for some seems to be a waste of time, read here why meditation can keep you fit, healthy and strong.

You can be anything

No, it is not just the power of positive thinking. It is the action that goes with it.


Victim or Creator?

20 Reasons to meditate regularly

Establish a healthy weight with mindfulness