How Blue is your World?


The picture we see in the world is a mirror of the thoughts in our minds.

How blue is your world? Are you aware of your present state of mind and how this influences the way you see the world? Do you see the big picture, or are you trapped in judging a current situation according to your past experiences?

Good news: you are equipped with all it takes to break through the vicious circle of recreating the past. All you need is the tools to be more aware and present in the here and now. And: it can be stimulating, inspiring and energizing to change your vision from projecting the past onto the present, to then see what really is.

Get started right now: spend every day just 5 minutes observing the quality of your thoughts, whether your focus is on here and now or rather distracted or disbursed.
How do you feel? Do you tend to answer the question, how you feel with “I think I feel”?
So, how do you feel?

Only 5 minutes a day will get you started to become more aware of what is really going on within you and enable you at the same time to choose what you want to focus on. Imagine, you wake up in the morning and you start seeing and accepting, what really is, no longer playing yesterday’s video….


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