Are Relationships hard Work?

Christmas time! We spend more time together. In many places this time of love becomes a time of conflict and a real testing ground of your love of and to your partner.   Why is that?   Simply because we spend more time together and have more opportunity for conflict and growth. The work is [...]

Walking to change your life

Imagine every problem that shows up would be a hidden chance to improve your (quality of) life in some way or another. Imagine you had a Guru inside of you that you could connect with while walking in nature. Imagine you could communicate directly with that source of yourself merely by having the intention. All [...]

Choose Happiness!

Research says that an entire 40% of your Happiness level ist totally in your hands. Find out how!

Feel Happy!

What if there were no excuses to be unhappy or depressed other than, this is just unconscious habit?

Happiness can be trained!

How to be happy

Coping Strategy: Understand how your mind works

Understand how your mind works to better cope with problems such as Depression, lack of motivation, lack of joy, poor lifestyle habits, stress-related psychosomatic problems such as sleeplessness, HBP, weight problems etc. If you would like to try the little audio, reminding you of the nature of your mind to remember, that your mind is [...]

Reconnecting in and with Nature

Coming back from a  hike behind the house in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, I feel totally in peace and very much appreciate the pleasure of walking on the Tahoe Rim Trail - very close to God! When I first discovered the benefit of physical and mental wellness during Walking Exercise  in 1992 I had [...]

Discover the gift…follow your heart

In 10 years of walking and talking with thousands of people of different ages, backgrounds, cultures, ethics as a Physical Fitness Specialist I came to the conclusion.... ... learn to realize what is good for you!   Find out where your heart beats higher!   What makes you feel good??? ... without hampering your good [...]

Change your thinking

Here is the deal: if I enter  a meeting with fear of failing, I probably have a hard time, not to fail. If I see myself succeeding by telling the truth and go for a win-win situation, there is a big chance to succeed. Conclusion: Expect the best and visualize the perfect outcome in order [...]

Feel good Now!

Vitality flowing through body, heart and mind! Walking is a natural, easy and very effective way to keep body and mind fit, relaxed and aligned. Imagine not only motivate for healthy habits, but enjoy practising them! Sounds like a shift from success machine to sentient being. Uplift yourself and appreciate your active existence. It is [...]

Change – The Law of Attraction

  Why is change so difficult? Our thinking patterns are effected by genetics, education, conditioning.... We may experience "automized" thinking and feeling reactions that seem out of our control. We attract what we are used to. We expect situations, things, emotions to happen the way we have experienced before. To "change your mind" means to [...]


Someone once said: What goes around comes around. Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching. Sing like nobody's listening. Live like it's Heaven on Earth. ------0----- May there always be work for your hands to do; May your purse always hold a coin or two; [...]