Pictures say more than a thousand words

Do you live in the brain?

Change the Chip in half a minute!

One single thought can break the habit of expecting the same old story as yesterday...

Conquer your weaker self

Doing the same thing, getting the same result? Thinking the same thoughts, expecting the same outcome? Your choice!

JOYful moments

No matter what you do: you only have the NOW, so why not make the best out of it?

Coping Strategy: Understand how your mind works

Understand how your mind works to better cope with problems such as Depression, lack of motivation, lack of joy, poor lifestyle habits, stress-related psychosomatic problems such as sleeplessness, HBP, weight problems etc. If you would like to try the little audio, reminding you of the nature of your mind to remember, that your mind is [...]

From being stuck in problem thinking to focus on ¨the light inside¨

If you find yourself stuck in problem thinking in all kind of problems over and over again it is time to reset. Good health, money, work, contentment, inner peace, energy, motivation, good relationships are out there, yet, you might have to switch your attitude, level of energy, expectation and focus to a positive setting. Tuned [...]

Reconnecting in and with Nature

Coming back from a  hike behind the house in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, I feel totally in peace and very much appreciate the pleasure of walking on the Tahoe Rim Trail - very close to God! When I first discovered the benefit of physical and mental wellness during Walking Exercise  in 1992 I had [...]

ZEN meets Humor

ZEN Teachings 1. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me for the path is narrow.. In fact, just piss off and leave me alone. 2. Sex is like air. It's not that important unless you aren't [...]

New habits

How do we introduce new habits? How about some fun and taking it easy!?! 1. Realize what you want to change - 2. Find out WHY you want to change this - 3. Feel like you would feel, if you had already succeeded in this new habit, imagine the feeling - now 4. Observe: still [...]