How to feel good about yourself !

Moody and a lot of good reasons for it????  It is obvious: we can't control life around us. However, we are part of this picture. We can influence our surroundings by the way we respond to situations. The way we appear in the world is how we influence. The way we "vibrate" is what we [...]

Why learn Yoga?

Yoga has conquered the Western world since almost a century. More and more people are looking to learn yoga. If you are one of them ask yourself what you are looking for, in order to find the right teacher.

Why Focus on the Path

Weight Loss and Stress Management is a chance to enhance your quality of life for good while enjoying the process.

Tai Chi versus Yoga

Yoga versus Tai Chi. What is better for you?

Simple Steps to Weight Loss

How weight loss becomes easy

Easy ways to relax and enjoy

Yoga is only one simple way to learn how to consciously relax, let go of mental attachment to problems, past and future and be present. Here are some photos to inspire to check it out: it is easy, effective and fun!

JOYful moments

No matter what you do: you only have the NOW, so why not make the best out of it?


If emotions are coloring for life, I prefer the bright colors.... Yet, without black, no white, I guess. How coping with unpleasant, threatening, fearful situations? A message, the transmitting of an information is enough to cause a stroke in some people.... Being aware that emotions are nothing but a current state of the "emotional body" [...]

Feel good Now!

Vitality flowing through body, heart and mind! Walking is a natural, easy and very effective way to keep body and mind fit, relaxed and aligned. Imagine not only motivate for healthy habits, but enjoy practising them! Sounds like a shift from success machine to sentient being. Uplift yourself and appreciate your active existence. It is [...]

Yoga and Patience

Have you been looking for a way to calm down, do yourself some good - for body and mind? Have you tried Yoga? Did you feel impatient during classes, like nervous? That's OK. Just go ahead and do it. It takes some time to be able to let go the tension. Your mind is used [...]

Is Yoga for you?

Is Yoga right for you? The only way to find out if Yoga is right for  you is DO IT! To be honest, it took me some time before I finally realized the benefit I got from Yoga. I was trying hard to concentrate and would just not be able to do so. My mind [...]

Love what you do!

Check it out: when you love what you do you, you are more successful since you enjoy the activity and have a very good chance to experience flow. What if I hate washing the dishes? (This was me). I hated washing the dishes. As a child it was my ob to dry the dishes day [...]