Yoga and Patience

Have you been looking for a way to calm down, do yourself some good –
for body and mind?

Have you tried Yoga?

Did you feel impatient during classes, like nervous?

That’s OK. Just go ahead and do it. It takes some time to be able to let go the tension. Your mind is used to work respectively think in a certain way. We are trained to be quick, efficient and in multitasking mode all the time. Don’t expect anything. In order to switch into the meditation mode, you don’t need to work hard on it. Keep going, don’t bother about the resistance within you, you might observe. Some day, it happens automatically and you are able to let go and enjoy the moment with a calm mind. You may check out different classes and places, there is a big variety of styles and some work better for you than others.

Relaxation, flexibility, strenght

Check the YADUMA menu and read on “stress”, “burnout” and “depression”. If you suffer from these symptoms, Yoga is very beneficial for you. Enjoy your next (or first) yoga experience!

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