Higher Perspective in Black Clouds and Challenging Waves

Many conflicting ideas, many arguments. Who is right? What is the solution? Strategy: Mountain and Sea View change

One simple Exercise to clean your Energy!

Imagine your life as a jungle of different energies vibrating alongside. The family, the colleagues, the confrontations of different ideas and priorities. And mostly: the energies moving us in form of thoughts, emotions and actions. The thousands of years of culture impregnated in our brains down to our very cells. Old information conditioning the way [...]

How to get in Harmony with yourself and the world – The Consciousness Conundrum

So who do you think you are?

Walking to change your life

Imagine every problem that shows up would be a hidden chance to improve your (quality of) life in some way or another. Imagine you had a Guru inside of you that you could connect with while walking in nature. Imagine you could communicate directly with that source of yourself merely by having the intention. All [...]

Prepare for Success

How to successfully reach your health goals and maintain them

Maintain muscle and Stretch especially after 40!!!

Simple keys for a healthy body after 40

Smart Goal- Setting Techniques

To set goals is the #1 predictor of success. In other words, by not setting a SMART goal, you miss the most important success factor. Read more: http://wp.me/pt4fU-11y

45 great Health Tips

Improve your wellbeing step by step. Here are 45 great and easy inspirations!

Tai Chi versus Yoga

Yoga versus Tai Chi. What is better for you?


Get prepared for stressful times with mini relaxation exercises! http://theWalkingGuru.org

Instant Change with Attitude of Gratitude

It makes you immune to anger, disappointment and frustration: try this little exercise for instant change and enjoy the free audio by Omharmonics!

7 Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

7 Rules to apply to change towards a healthy lifestyle!