Manager-Training: Polishing the Diamond

The times when the More, the Harder, the Better was state-of-the-art is over. Our culture is shaping itself into a new direction: We crave more quality of life, not just more quantity. In business, the natural selection results in companies who care. Those survive¬† longterm. While some stick to the old rules, they pay forContinue reading “Manager-Training: Polishing the Diamond”

One simple Exercise to clean your Energy!

Imagine your life as a jungle of different energies vibrating alongside. The family, the colleagues, the confrontations of different ideas and priorities. And mostly: the energies moving us in form of thoughts, emotions and actions. The thousands of years of culture impregnated in our brains down to our very cells. Old information conditioning the wayContinue reading “One simple Exercise to clean your Energy!”

5 Top Tips for Small Businesses

What is it that makes small businesses succeed whereas¬†others fail? I am a big believer of following your hearts desire because in 15 years of coaching I came to the conclusion that the best business is worth little if you don’t enjoy doing what you doing. Especially when it comes to starting small business: you’reContinue reading “5 Top Tips for Small Businesses”