One simple Exercise to clean your Energy!

Imagine your life as a jungle of different energies vibrating alongside. The family, the colleagues, the confrontations of different ideas and priorities. And mostly: the energies moving us in form of thoughts, emotions and actions. The thousands of years of culture impregnated in our brains down to our very cells. Old information conditioning the wayContinue reading “One simple Exercise to clean your Energy!”

LOHAS – lifestyle of health and sustainability

Do you recycle garbage? I heard a story in Munich, Germany of a  “garbage professional”: he said the garbage left after the recycled garbage taken away does not burn anymore. This is why the garbage industry buys “recyclable paper” from the recycle industry to make the garbage burn! So you wonder if it makes senseContinue reading “LOHAS – lifestyle of health and sustainability”

Are you sabotageing yourself?

Self-Sabotage Sounds ugly and somewhat stupid, but self-sabotage seems to be a poisoning agent polluting our systems. I find it hard to become aware of in your every day’s life. What is it that keeps you from enjoying exercise? What is it that makes you eat high-calorie-low-energy food? What makes you do three things atContinue reading “Are you sabotageing yourself?”